Slamming Rumors – No Plans to Extend Lockdown and E-Pass System.

Slamming Rumors – No Plans to Extend Lockdown and E-Pass System.

The 3 weeks nationwide lockdown that had put many of us in a difficult situation, has been one of the best moves by the Indian government to break the COVID-19 infection cycle. This lockdown from most states, Union Territories and the entire nation, provided a more definite timeline. And people have been quite curious to know about the lockdown extension period, as there have been multiple rumours around.

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Slamming The Rumors

Rajiv Gauba, Cabinet Secretary, clearing all the rumours stated that there are no plans to extend the lockdown period beyond the current 21-day timeline. The lockdown was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for fighting the coronavirus pandemic. The Cabinet Secretary expressed disconcert on many reports revealing that the lockdown could be extended.

The 21-Day Lockdown

The 21-day lockdown came into effect on March 24, 2020. The government had requested all Union Territories and states to strictly enforce the lockdown, because of the huge exodus of migrant workers. A set of measures were supposed to be implemented by local authorities for enforcing the lockdown. This also helped ensure that the migrant workers do not face any difficulties during the period of the lockdown. For now, the 21-day lockdown is until 14th April 2020.

What do you think, not extending the lockdown will break the COVID-19 infection cycle or make it worse?

E-Pass System During Lockdown

Adivid Technologies developed a platform to ensure essential and authorized services to move and work smoothly during the lockdown period and provide a simple mechanism for getting permission digitally and rapidly from Police or other authorities


Question – Do I need a pass if I want to go out to buy medicines, groceries or vegetables?

No, people do not need a pass to buy groceries, medicines, or groceries. But people are not supposed to buy groceries/vegetables daily since it is a lockdown.

Question – Should I get a pass if I need to buy something that is not available in my area since police have barricaded other areas?

You should manage with the things available in your area. It is a nationwide lockdown, a medical emergency. Undoubtedly, adapting it is inevitable.

Question – I am a vendor for essential goods, do I require a pass to get goods for my shop?

You do not need a pass in this case. No restriction on empty trucks needed for transportation of goods.

Question – Do I need a pass to travel to/for my work?

No, people are without a doubt not allowed to travel for work.

Question – Being an essential goods supplier can I send empty vehicles to another part of the state to get the goods?

Yes, any essential good suppliers can surely send their vehicles to transport essential goods items.

Question – Do I need a pass if I need to visit my office once in a while to maintain equipment if I am from a startup?

At the time of national lockdown, the government decides what counts as an emergency, not people. Kindly follow government guidelines.

Question – How can I apply for a pass to go to the doctors?

Telemedicine services are available over the phone for normal medical conditions. For emergencies kindly call an ambulance or even Hoysala vehicles.

Question – Can I visit my parents/siblings/relatives who live in other districts or another part of the same city in case of an emergency? Will I need a pass in this scenario?

Please call helpline numbers in case of emergencies. However, it is a lockdown and life is not be usual as normal.

Question – There has been a death in my family. Do I need a pass to visit them?

Yes, one can attend funeral ceremonies. The local police stations can grant permission for funeral ceremonies. Permission to travel can be given after examination.

Question – Can I jog or run in the morning if I make sure I am at least 6 feet apart from others?

No, it is a lockdown and you can not go for run/jog till the lockdown period is completed.

Question – I am a doctor operating a private clinic. Can I continue practicing from my clinic?

No, as this is an emergency lockdown people are not allowed to come for general consultation. Kindly, work from home in case of an emergency.

Question – I do not have any cooking equipment/help for cooking. Can I travel to my parent’s house in another district?

No, you can not travel to other districts. Delivery services are operational.

Question – For what purposes are e-pass available? How can I apply for an e-pass?

E-pass are available for essential services as mentioned in the government directives. You can apply for an e-pass from the URL –

Karnataka E-pass Helpline numbers –
(080) 22374837

Question – Will doctors and healthcare professionals also need a pass?

Their official id is enough if they are going to work.

Question – Can I go to a bank for depositing money?

Use online banking or wait till the lockdown is over.

Question – For how long will the e-pass be valid?

Your e-pass will have validity written on it.

Question – Will we need to carry a hard copy of the e-pass as well?

No, a soft copy will be enough.

Question – What to do if our elderly parents are living elsewhere

Contact local administration in these cases.

Question – How to obtain repair services like plumbing etc?

Many companies that provide these services have e-passes.

Helpline Contact Numbers

104, 8046848600, 8066692000

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