Pollution in lakes  – punish officials

Pollution in lakes is causing a big problem to those who are staying close to it.  The Green Tribunal has asked the Government of Karnataka to find the officials responsible for it.

Pollution in lakes is common in our country.  The National Green Tribunal has given Karnataka 3 months time to punish the officials (Present and past) who are responsible for letting the lakes get polluted.

This punishment is in the wake of the pollution caused by Bellanduru, Varthur and Agara lakes.

Lake Pollution :

Lakes and rivers are common sources of drinking water supplies.  Nutrient pollution builds up in our nation’s lakes, ponds, and streams. EPA’s 2010 National Lakes Assessment found that almost 20 percent of the 50,000 lakes surveyed had been impacted by nitrogen and phosphorus pollution.   All this contributes to pollution in lakes.

Many freshwater lakes, streams, and ponds are polluted.  When it rains, the extra fertilizers and pesticides flow into streams. The pollutants can cause algae to grow quickly. These ‘blooms’ of algae may produce toxins that harm other life in the river thus pollution in lakes and ponds.

algae floating in the lake

Human sewage or cattle excrement that is untreated also cause pollution in lakes in the same way as fertilizers do. Human sewage also contains germs that cause diseases such as hepatitis and cholera. The natural chemicals can cause a pollution in lakes similar to that caused by fertilizers.

Causes of pollution in lakes

  • Industrial waste
  • Sewage and wastewater
  • Underground leakages
  • Pesticides and fertilizer
  • Agricultural waste

Pollution affecting aquatic life

Aquatic species such as fish can be extremely high in contaminants as some pollutants don’t readily dissolve and dilute in water and are instead taken up into organisms. Some species of aquatic organisms are particularly sensitive to pollution. They are used as indicators of pollution and are called bio-indicators. Because lakes drain a large surrounding landscape, they reflect the processes and actions that operate around them. When chemicals are spilled, they can drain into nearby streams and be transported downstream into lakes.

Punishment for polluting lakes

The NGT in its order has asked the trusted agencies to identify the officials who were responsible for pollution in lakes.  The order also stated that any lapse should be recorded in the annual reports.

The Tribunal ordered regarding punishment to officials regarding pollution in lakes includes present and past public servants.  The punishment is for those who failed to discharge their duty and obligations to society as a whole.

The Committee headed by Justice Santosh Hegde will decide about the additional amount required to set up the Sewage Treatment Plants in the State of Karnataka.

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