Power cables – going underground – Bengaluru

Power cables will be going underground.  No overhead cables in 3 years. 

Dangerous electric cables hanging

Outages is common in many parts of Bengaluru during monsoon. Also when trees and branches fall on power lines during gusty winds.

The idea is to ensure quality and reliable power supply to customers and to reduce transmission losses.

Reasons for underground power cables:

Under-grounding all existing overhead lines will help BESCOM in the long term.  The present transmission loss of nearly 10%-15% could be reduced to less than 6% – 8% when all overhead power cables are moved underground.

BESCOM is planning either aerial bunching or covered conductors in densely populated areas where the underground plan is not feasible.  The idea is to ensure quality and reliable power supply to customers and also to reduce transmission losses.

Cost of power cables going underground:

The BESCOM will start laying 18900 kms of underground cables from April 2019 at a cost of Rs. 4500 crore.

Tender have been invited for laying of underground cables.  The distance is 6900 km. of low – tension and 12000 km. of high-tension lines across Bengaluru. Amount was allotted for this project in the last state government budget.

Laying of underground power cables:

The work has already started in Peenya, HSR Layout and Whitefield along with some core areas of the city. 

According to BESCOM Managing Director underground power cables had already been laid in 30% of Bengaluru. Rest will be covered under the project.  All the details consisting of the work module, list of areas where the power cables to be laid are ready.

Laying underground power cables

The BESCOM will utilize the ducts on Tender SURE roads for laying the cables.  Simultaneous BESCOM is  building its own communication system. 

Outsourcing of laying cables:

Bescom is planning to outsource the laying of Optic Fibre cables to other agencies like BWSSB, the police or other private companies. 

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