Sakala Scheme – government services

Sakala Scheme – government services

Sakala is a scheme which assures timely delivery of Government services to citizens. In all, the scheme offers  services under various departments which are sought after by the citizens.

In Short, It is an Act to empower the citizens in getting what they want in the time defined.

Sakala initiative by BJP Government :

One of the useful initiatives by the then  BJP Government in Karnataka was the Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act – 2011, also known as Sakala.

Introduced on 1 March 2012, it aims at bringing transparency in administration. There are various services offered under Sakala.

Sakala means ‘in time’ or ‘good time’ is the Citizen Charter scheme which was launched and has hogged the limelight of Bengaluru.  This scheme guarantees time-bound deliver of services to citizens within a time frame.

Facilities – Sakala :

Sakala has brought a smile on people’s face by making most of the tasks easier.  The main purpose of the initiation was to deliver services to the people in a stipulated time.  As many as approximately 800 services from around 26 government departments fall under sakala scheme.

This scheme have given hope to a lot of people and especially senior officials who think that the scheme is one of the favourable changes among the subordinates.  Around 87% of citizens were benefited with this policy.

Objectives :

The main objective of the introduction of this scheme was to meet the demands of various services like acquiring certificates, obtaining land record extracts, building approval etc.

The vision envisages citizen-friendly governance with a time bound service guarantee as well as a transparent working culture.

The purpose was to institutionalize the implementation of a Citizen’s charter through a single “integrated citizen-government interface that leverage stool of e-governance and ensures timely services.

Instructions to use Sakala :

There are official sites explaining on how to use the scheme.   The instructions are given in the regional language with a tagline stating ‘Karnataka Guarantee of services to citizens systems’.

This scheme marks a milestone in the history of Karnataka as an administrative reform that has bridged the gap between bureaucracy and citizens.

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