Social Media platform – General Elections 2019

Social media platform is going to play a major role in the country’s general election 2019.  This alone is to corner Rs.12000 crore in political ad spends.

Different social platforms available

Role of Social Media :

The most common platforms of mass social media includes news paper, radio, television, magazines, internet, facebook, twitter etc.

India has become a digital society where social media has set itself in the lives of people.  The country ranks on the top of the list in the countries with the highest number of Facebook users.

different platforms icons

Election campaigning is slowly shifting towards the digital arena.  The ruling BJP has been the leader of using social media as well as mass media to its advantage in the 2014 general election.

Major Windfall – Social media :

Social media platforms are setting for a major windfall in this years general elections.  According to media experts, the advertising spends on social media will see a major of 150%. 

Top social media networking sites

The media major facebook is going to take a major share. According to experts Facebook alone is going to get Rs.10000 crore ad money while the rest of social media gets Rs.2000 crore.

Political parties using social media :

The size of digital user base has increased rapidly compared to 2014 general elections.  The consumption of digital content has increased in recent years.

Political parties to use social media platforms

All political parties have social media strategy teams.  Elections are the major factor that will lead to an increase in advertisement spends in social media.

Google’s transparency :

Google is  introducing  an India specific Political Advertising Transparency Report.  A searchable Political Ads Library  will provide information about who is purchasing election ads on Google platforms.  How much money is being spent?  The report and the library will go live in March 2019. 

Google said it is also updating its election ads policy for India and the policy requires that advertisers running election ads in India provide a pre-certificate issued by the Election Commissioner.  

Conclusion :

Politics and media share a complex co-ordinated relationship. Media, politics and elections are interlinked together.  Social media platforms have become essential ground for the discussion of political narratives.

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