Terminal 2 – KIA – Bengaluru

Terminal 2 at KIA started in 2016.  The Terminal 2 or T2 expansion project included construction of the second terminal 2.  It is a parallel runway that will allow the airport to handle increased number of flights. 

Kempegowda International Airport, Bengluru

When the KIA opened in 2008, there were 378 commercial flights operating in India. The number increased to 600 and expected to go to 800 in the near future.

Terminal 2 project at International Airport, Bengaluru :

The International Airport is 8 years old.  KIA began operation in 2008.  KIA sees the higher passenger traffic in South India.  It is the 3rd busiest airport in India.

Terminal 1 is running with a capacity of 20 million passengers annually and began its operation in February 2014. 

Terminal 2 at KIA

Terminal 2 project was taken up in 2016.  The cost of the project when taken up was around Rs.4000 crore.  The terminal is being constructed in 2 phases.  Works on the 1st phase serve 20 million passengers annually.

The 2nd phase of Terminal 2 is expected to cater another 15 million passengers annually.  One the Terminal 2 is completed, the airport can serve 55 million passengers.

Terminal 2 – facilities :

The number of check in counters will be huge.  Terminal 2 will feature 173 immigration counters, 113 in the 2nd phase.  25 baggage claim belts will be included in 2 phases.

The facilities includes 213 counters in the departure area.  This is divided between 2 phases i.e., 90 in the 1st phase and 123 in the 2nd phase.  There will be 62 check lanes and 97 emigration counters.

Terminal 2 at KIA – Garden themed :

The second terminal at KIA is a massive structure.  It is designed as a garden experience with a built-up area of 2.54 lakh square metres in the1st phase and 4.41 square metres in 2nd phase.  The garden theme is a natural extension of Bengaluru’s greenery.

Garden theme at Terminal 2, KIA

The Terminal 2 includes a multi-modal transport hub, which also includes a Metro station, a multi-level car parking area.  This also includes a lagoon of water recycling.

The entire terminal roof will be covered with solar, photo-voltaic panels to enhance the current use.  The storm-water and water discharge includes grey and black water will be treated at the Airport.  The project also includes sewage treatment plant. 

A nursery has been planned for the Terminal 2 on a 30-35 acre plot.  All trees and plants which will be using in the landscaping will be relocated to the nursery will be replanted later.

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