Traffic Congestion – Bengaluru  – lack of integration

Traffic Congestion – Bengaluru – lack of integration

Traffic congestion – Bengaluru, the main cause being lack of integration.

Lack of integration and coordination between different transport utilities is causing a major problem in finding solutions to the city’s traffic congestion.

Traffic congestion has become a way of life for Bangaloreans.  Traffic is a mess in the city and in 2005 traffic moved at a speed of 35 km (22miles) an hour and in 2014 it has come down to 9.2 km. (5.7 miles).

At peak hour the speed is a crawling 4-5 km. on the city’s outer ring road.  A citizen spends more than 240 hours stuck in traffic jams every year.  Social costs of traffic congestion include time delays, extra fuel spent, costs due to traffic accidents, vehicle loss, wear and tear as well as environmental issues.

Why is Bengaluru having traffic congestion?

Everybody agrees that the reason being rapid and unplanned growth of the city.  Bengaluru is described as the Silicon Valley of India.  Since 1990, all major global technology firms began opening offices here and to a great extent support industries have grown along with the IT sector bringing a huge number of people from all over the country.

Over the years the population has become double but the infrastructure has remained the same.  The city roads are taken away by parking and encroachments.  Footpaths are encroached by hawkers and sellers and in turn causing a major problem to pedestrians.

The bus shelters are in a despicable state.  Shelters focus more on revenue generation by advertisement than serving the passengers.

The Metro stations in the city are not having proper bus bays.  This is causing the problem to switch between metro and buses.

Solutions to curb traffic congestion:

Most affected areas by traffic congestion are the Industrial/IT Parks routes.  These areas pull a huge crowd in the mornings and push in the evening.  Following the following will help in reducing traffic congestion

  1. Encourage carpooling, ride-sharing
  2. Curbing petrol allowance. Giving allowance only to two-wheeler users.
  3. Use of Public transport

Government’s role to ease traffic congestion

  1. Stop making roads useless. Avoid road digging.
  2. Service roads should be built parallel to main roads
  3. The metro project should be given priority and to be completed quickly
  4. Strict traffic rules to curb traffic violation
  5. Promoting city run BMTC
  6. Improving last-mile connectivity.
  7. Strict rules for trucks and heavy vehicles
  8. Repair of roads and foot paths urgently

For further information on traffic congestion please read: vehicle population 


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