Wild Karnataka – a documentary film

Wild Karnataka – a documentary film

Wild Karnataka – a documentary on Wildlife in Karnataka wants to take the State’s biodiversity to the world. 

Filmed over four years, and sculpted from 400 hours of footage, the hour-long film shows the length and breadth of the State in all its variety.

Documentary movie – Wild Karnataka :

The documentary film is made by veteran filmmakers Amoghavarsha J.S. and Kalyan Varma.  Previously they were making documentary movies for the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) and National Geographic. 

According to Amoghavarsha, the documentary is the first in a new generation of blue-chip, world-beating nature documentaries made by Indians.

Background – Wild Karnataka :

It was in December 2014 that the filmmakers Amoghavarsha JS and Kalyan Varma along with forest officer Vijay Mohan Raj and Naturalist Sarath Champati started the journey to do something a handful have tried – filming Karnataka’s rich biodiversity in ultra HD.

filmmakers Amoghavarsha js and kalyan varma
Amoghavarsha and Kalyan Varma

Filmed over a five year period at a cost of Rs.4 crore with a crew of nearly 20 men and women shooting over 400 hours of footage.  The end result is a 52-minute documentary.  This was achieved by the cooperation with the Forest department.

Four years later, the team is all set to premiere the documentary titled ‘Wild Karnataka’ showcasing the wildlife in the State in full glory and the narration is by British Broadcaster and natural historian Sir David Attenborough.

Places covered – Wild Karnataka :

The documentary was shot on the field in Honnavar, Bidar, Sharavathi, Koppal, Hampi, Siruguppa, Bhadra Tiger Reserve, Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, BRT, Nagarahole, Agumbe, Bhimgad and Daroji.

wildlife documentary

This includes the wet evergreen forests of Western Ghats to the deciduous forests of Mysore District to the thorn scrub forests and rocky outcrops of Ramnagara and Daroji, extending to the riverine and marine ecosystems.

Facts about wildlife in Karnataka :

The largest population of tigers in India is in Karnataka State.  The largest number of elephants in the wild and nearly 6319.127 sq. km. of the protected area divided among five national parks and 21 wildlife sanctuaries.

Funding for documentary Wild Karnataka :

The theme of the documentary is forest and wilderness.  The Department of Forest has not contributed financially for ‘Wild Karnataka’ documentary.  The major chunk of film’s financing has come from eco-tourism resorts and mining companies.

Views of the producer – Wild Karnataka

According to J.S. Amoghavarsha, co-director said, “India is known for its Bollywood films and Bengaluru is known for its IT industry and for animation companies which have their headquarters here.  With this film, it can also become a hub for documentaries”.

Click the link to watch teaser https://youtu.be/QO79orOvYJA

Click the link to know more about wildlife App. https://www.bangalorean.com/news/wildtrails-spot-animals-with-app-help/

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