Polluted Bengaluru

Pollution takes many forms. Noise pollution, water pollution, air pollution etc. It becomes an easy task to list the causes of pollution but a harder one to break these causes down to the mass of it. Every action and activity we see around us today is one of a human. Hence we can parrot ourselves causes of pollution.

Hard to imagine what the society would be if each of us took a stance or a perspective and became the change to drop incentives on ones around us and to inspire one another. This, though , a good policy to visualise, would be a rare case since we refuse to come out of our comfort zones

It is human tendency to focus on whats ours and to sightly ignore the rest. There clearly seems to be a lack of oneness in today’s competitive and covetous world.

It is important to use our limited resources with the given technology to achieve the best for us all , and to create an equilibrium in the society further generating sustainable development, rather than pollution, by making a judicial use of our resources.

Article by our Young Writer : Sthapitha Thangamma

Greenpeace India says

In 2016, Bengaluru had eight months of being above the daily prescribed standard of 100 ug/m3

The pollution level seems to be consistent between 2015 and 2016 with little variations on upside for Tumkuru, Bidar, Hubli and Dharwad along with slight decrease for Bangalore, Davanagere, Kolar and Gulbarga etc. but the decrease being really insignificant to bring pollution levels down to breathable air quality according to Indian standards levels, leave aside the WHO standards

The Hindu

Bangalore one of the 10 most polluted cities in the country.

Deccan Herald

A source contribution study for Bengaluru found emergence of diesel generator sets as a major source of pollution contributing to 13 of PM-10 and 25 of PM-2.5 load.

Citizen Matters

Bengaluru is in the grip of rising air pollution. Official ambient air quality monitoring has already shown 57increase in particulate matter in just 4 years (2010-2014) and 23 in one year (2013-14- 2014-15). In more than 85 of monitoring locations the levels have exceeded standards.

Our Focus to Solve AIR Pollution

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