Know Your Constituency

Our Vision

A governmental post is a service for the citizens and not an honor

Knowing your constituency is knowing your home well. A constituency is where it gets started, like the allocation of budget, manifesto, work allocation, press completion etc. It is time you involve in this process and make a difference.

A constituent is the core root of any leader and being in a Government post is service to God’s job. A post is a basic duty to serve the citizens, which turns that Post as a job of honor.

Know your constituency @ is where you proudly belong.

More about your constituency

It is time to cherish the bright side of your Constituency, be it a Bangalorean, a playground or an author who stays next door. He/she may be a political leader and still humble or it can be a celebrity whom you may bump into someday. Read about them, ping them or pull them along for a road repair or invite them to a party at your house. Know your Constituency @ Bangalorean will bring your neighborhood much closer.

You can do much more like, make an active participation in the challenges in your ward or constituency by not just raising an alarm but making sure you have support from your neighbors. Debate on a solution and be a part of the execution or see through the implementation. You are not dreaming alone. It is possible with a positive mindset and with one click @

Be an influencer for your constituency

The constituency will carry details of the influencer, sports, journalist etc. and entities like corporator, education sector, hospitals, and NGO’s. We are not stopping here. We cover councilor’s of respective wards and their work and challenges. Take a step further……it is an interactive platform. Yes, you can ping the MLA/MP/Councilor of your Constituency with a well-defined process and it ensures you to get a positive response.

Now you have a right to choose the Achiever, Businessman/women, Sportsmen/women, Musician, Whistleblower etc. and VOTE him/her.

Last but not least, you will be the one to create a peaceful neighborhood because not all are lucky to be from ‘Dode manne Huduga’.

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  • Register for your Constituency
  • Raise a question
  • Convince your fellow members
  • Question reach the Decision maker
  • Doable report
  • Plan stage
  • Execution
  • Feedback


Change has no Constituency and a perceived revolution has even less. Everyone of you deserve the best chance. The mission is to impact future, transformation at a much faster pace. Get involved and bring change in your constituency.

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