BJP Nominee

Uday B Garudachar

Uday B Garudachar

Chickpete Constituency

Dr. Uday Gardudachar is an electronics engineer, first generation entrepreneur, and accomplished businessman in the state. Under his leadership, Bengaluru has seen the rise of one of its first malls, low income housing development, and support for many initiatives that have benefited the local schools, colleges, and medical facilities. The goal and vision is to benefit the infrastructure and development of Bengaluru with a track record to prove it.
Born In: 1965

Uday B Garudachar


B.E (electronics)

Political Career

Total assets

Assets ( Including that of wife ): Rs.196.08 Crore
Liabilities ( Including that of wife ):  Rs.59.27 Crore

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Manifesto for Chickpete Constituency

“To provide good governance and improvise in all aspects the garden city of Bengaluru and Karnataka.”

To provide living accommodations to the economically weaker sections of the society by providing good standard of living for all with better schools, better colleges, better medical facility at affordable prices and also to improve the infrastructure of the city.

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