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B R Bhaskar Prasad

B R Bhaskar Prasad

Mahadevpura Constituency

Retired Oil Industry Professional managing large contracts and execution with the Oil giants in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kazakhistan, Iraq and Qatar for 24 years. For past 10-12 years, along with his wife, he has been working in the area of Wildlife Conservation and Environment Protection in and around Bengaluru, Mysore, Nanjangudu, Bandipur Tiger Reserve and other forest areas of Karnataka in conjunction with the forest departments, associated with Into The Wild Trust involved in tree plantation, programs in schools / colleges, cleaning along the banks of Cauvery and such other related activities.
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B R Bhaskar Prasad


Dipl Elect Engineering

Dipl Elect Engineering, Dipl Performing Arts

Political Career

Founder and State president of Karnataka Dalitha Sangatanegala Okkuta

State president of Babasaheb Service Force

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Assets ( Including that of wife ): —–
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Manifesto for Mahadevpura Constituency

“To Make Mahadevpura a Model Constituency in Karnataka”

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