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Namma Malleshwaram

Malleshwaram is one of the old localities in Bengaluru. The area got its name from the Kaadu Maleshwara Temple which is in Malleshwaram.
It is 32.4 kms from the Kempegowda international Airport and it has a metro station called Mantri Square Sampige Road station. It has a population of 487,284 in an area of 28.6 sqkms.

Malleshwaram is bound by Rajaji Nagar, RT Nagar, Yeshwanthpur and Vijayanagar.

Malleshwaram has a history that dates back to 300 years. During the great plague in 1898, many people moved out of the city center during this time. Sri Venkatranga Iyengar who had envisioned a prosperous locality after visiting the Kaadu Malleshwaram temple, suggested the British to build a locality here and thus Malleshwaram was born.
Britishers took over the Malleshwaram area and developed it. With the Kodandaramapura village on the east, the well planned residential area was built on the west. Two of the major main-roads are named after the flowering trees growing in the area, namely Margosa Road and Sampige Road. Margosa Road leads to Majestic from Yeshwanthpur and Sampige Road caters to the opposite direction.

Wards Details @ Namma Malleshwaram


Ward No Ward Name Corporator Name Localities Police Station Lake Name Park Play Ground Fire Stations
Aramane Nagara
Smt. Sumangala B
M S Ramaiah Nagar, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Campus, IAF Quarters, Sankeys tank, Palace ground, Malleswaram (P), Ashwathnagar, AGS Officers Layout, ITI Layout, Sadashiva Nagar, RMV 2nd Stage 1st Block Sadashiva Nagar Sankey’s Tank 22 4  0
Sri. Jayaprakash M C
Sanjivappa Garden, Mattikere, Netaji Nagar, Mattikere Extension, Gokul Extension 8 3 0
Sri. N. Jayapala
Malleswaram (P), Yashwanthpura, Subedharpalya, Nanjappa Reddy colony  Yeshwanth Pura 4 0 0
Raj Mahal Guttahalli
Smt. Hemalatha Sathish Seth
Vaiyyalikaval (P), Malleswaram (P), Rajamahal Guttahalli  Vyallkaval 8 2 0
Kadu Malleshwar
Sri. G.Manjunath Raju
Malleshwaram, Ranganathpuram, Vaiyyalikaval (P), Maruthi Nagar  Malleshwaram 9 3 0
Subramanya Nagar
Sri. H Manjunath
Subramanya Nagar, Milk colony  Subramanya Nagar 6 1  0
Gayithri Nagar
Smt. Chandrakala Girish Lakanna
Gayithri Nagar, Sriramapuram North 3 1 0

Landmarks @ Namma Malleshwaram

8th Cross :

Maleshwaram 8th Cross is a popular shopping street. It is well-known for the road-side vendors, fast food joints and clothes.

Kaadu Malleshwar Temple:

The main temple Kaadu Malleshwar is located on the 15th Cross. It is a very old temple that belongs to the 17th Century.

Sri Dakshinamukha Nandi Tirtha Kalyani Kshetra:

This temple is believed to be a part of Kaadu Malleshwara Temple. In the temple a stream of water falls from the Nandi’s mouth on Shivalinga and flows into a tank called Kalyani.

Sri Gangamma Devi Temple :

This Temple is located near Kaadu Malleshwara temple on 2nd temple street.

Sri Venugopala Krishnamurthy Temple:

This temple was established in 1902. The temple was established during the formation era of the Malleshwaram area in the beginning of the 20th century.

Sky Theatre (Taralaya) :

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium was established in 1989 by the Bengaluru City Corporation.

Hallimane Restaurant :

Halli mane, which means village home, is exactly what the decor of the restaurant looks like. Perennially packed, this two-levelled restaurant serves authentic South Indian cuisine. Here you could try the Kadubu, Akki Rotis and Ragi Rotis.

Sri Raghavendra Stores :

It is a 38 year old institution which serves only items on the menu- Vada, Idli, Khara Bath and Kesari Bath and shavige bath.

Calendar @ Namma Malleshwaram

Event Year Description
Om Sri Gangamma Devi Jathra & Karaga Festival
Every year Om Sri Gangamma Devi Jathra & Karaga Festival is held in the temple in the month of May.
Kadalekai Parishe
Every year Kadalekai Parishe, one of the city’s oldest festivals and virtually synonymous with Basavanagudi, will for the first time also be held in Malleswaram this year.

Winner Of MP Bengaluru-North

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Winner of Namma Malleshwaram

(Total Votes @  Malleshwaram -103219 – 55%)
C N Ashwathnarayan

Dr Ashwanathnarayan C N


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