JDS Nominee



Malleshwaram Constituency

Born In:  27/07/1982



High School

Cambridge English school

Degree college

Seshadripuram First Grade College

Political Career

Haweri District Observer

MLA Candidate for Jds Malleshwaram

Total assets

Assets ( Including that of wife ): Rs.6.76 Crore
Liabilities ( Including that of wife ): Rs.39 Lakh

More details

Manifesto for Malleshwaram Constituency

“To Make Malleshwaram a Model Constituency in Karnataka”

I being in permanent Ressidant in ward 45 (Malleshwaram ward) like to serve our constituency better than what it was done in the previous years

  • Clear reach of fundamental rights & duties to the citizen of the constituency
  • Widening of very small &Narrow roads
  • Main focus on women safety &Senior citizen
  • Enhancing law and order to eradicate crime in the constituency
  • Adding more cctv’s skywalks & footpaths For senior citizen and women
  • Solid waste & water management
  • Providing employment to unemplyed youths within the constituency

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