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Roshan Baig

Roshan Baig

Shivajinagar Constituency

Roshan was born premature and as a child was not a bright student. He failed his 8th standard exams and was not permitted to take the 10th standard ones due to attendance shortage. Ultimately, he passed high school and took an admission to RC College in Bengaluru, where he contested his first ever election, for the elective post of General Secretary against Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar. After getting a bachelor’s degree in commerce, he joined Government Law college for his L.L.B and later became a full-time politician due to his burgeoning political career. He won the 1985 state elections for the 8th Assembly with the Janata Party. After division of the Janata party, he moved to the Indian National Congress party. As a civil servant, he claims his attendance to the assembly is 99%. He considers the House as sacred and a privilege and so has never slept in the House.

Born In: 15/7/1951

Roshan Baig



R C College Bengaluru



Government Law College

Political Career

Ex-Minister for Tourism and Haj

Ex- Home Minister

Minister for Medium & Small Scale Industries

Ex-Minister for Infrastructure

Ex-Minister for Information, Public Relations and Haj

Ex-Minister For Urban Development, City Corporations, Urban Land Transport KUWSDB & KUIDFC, Haj Information & Wakf

MLA Of Shivajinagar Constituency

Total assets

Assets ( Including that of wife ): Rs. 36.12 crores
Liabilities ( Including that of wife ): Rs. 17.27 crores

More details

Manifesto for Shivajinagar Constituency

“To Make Shivajinagar a Model Constituency in Karnataka”

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