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Who we are

People-centric administration with complete transparency; fighting against the making of education, health and public services business propositions; and elected representatives working as servants of people will be the salient features of UPP.

It was in October 2017 that Kannada film actor Upendra announced that he was making his foray into politics when he launched the Karnataka Pragnyavantha Janatha Paksha (KPJP) in Bengaluru’s Gandhi Bhavan.The party’s first press conference was memorable for its unconventional setting where journalists were seated on the stage instead of occupying seats in the audience. Upendra spoke about the values of the party from the aisle alongside an audience made up mostly of his supporters.

The party, however, broke up even before it could contest in its first election, after differences emerged between Upendra and Mahesh Gowda, an independent politician he founded the party with.A few months on and Upendra appears to be re-enacting his political plunge all over again, this time by launching his own party – Uttama Prajaakeeya Party (UPP) – on his 50th birthday on Tuesday in a lavish ceremony at his residence in Kathriguppe in Bengaluru.

UPP is campaigning on the ideals of transparency, honesty and accountability. “The power of truth can travel all over the world. This is a silent revolution, one that is not visible until it is huge and all around us,” Upendra reasserted when questioned about whether the party’s idealism will be accepted by voters.

Upendra claimed that anyone can join the party from any part of the state if they can submit ideas with documents and proofs to the party. The proposals will be reviewed by the party’s expert committee which includes Upendra. “We have received over 10,000 proposals from interested people and are reviewing each proposal. We have five or six people with us here today as well,” Upendra said.

“A year ago, we were riding on a different boat. We didn’t know that party boat was leaking. This time we have built our own boat and it is us who are accountable for it,” said the actor reflecting on his roller-coaster year.He claimed that he had learnt from the experience but added that in spite of KPJP’s failure, he would not abandon the ideals the party was based on. Several members of KPJP have made the switch along with Upendra to the newly formed UPP.

What Our Promise

Collaboratively disseminate wireless innovation with standards compliant e-business.
Phosfluorescently expedite functional products via premium action items.


Creating separate zonal development plans have been prepared for all-round growth. Passing of a new
law, named the “Nava Bengaluru Act” to cater to the unique needs of Bengaluru. Strengthening the Police
force for the city’s safety.



Through skill development, self-employment and job creation. Crating various welfare schemes for Pourakarmikas, auto and cab drivers. Commit to making Bengaluru a “Zero Garbage” city.Loans of weavers upto 1 lac to be waived.


Health and Education

Ayushman Bengaluru to provide poor and vulnerable families medical treatment. To provide free
education in Government colleges to all students up to Degree level and every student enrolling in a
college with a free laptop.

A little story

A little about Prajaakeeya party.
When,Where,Who strated party.

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