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Beer is the oldest recorded recipe in the world. The ancient Egyptians first documented the brewing process on papyrus scrolls around 5,000 B.C. The Egyptians used beer for religious ceremonies, with the Pharaoh directing the brewing schedule and distribution to the masses.

A brewery or brewing company is a business that makes and sells beer, where distinct sets of brewing equipment are called plant.

The first lager was brewed in Britain and some of the first brewed outside southern Germany was made in Edinburgh, in 1835. Weihenstephan Abbey was a benedictine monastery in Weihenstephan in Germany established the oldest still-operating brewery in the world in 1040.

The commercial brewing of beer has taken place since at least 2500 BC in ancient Mesopotamia, brewers derived social sanction and divine protection from the goddess Nirkasi. Brewing was initially a cottage industry, with production taking place at home; by the ninth century monasteries and farms would produce beer on a larger scale, selling the excess; and by the eleventh and twelfth centuries larger, dedicated breweries with eight to ten workers were being built.

United Breweries made its initial impact by manufacturing bulk beer for the British troops before independence, which was transported in huge barrels or “Hogsheads”. Kingfisher, the group’s most visible and profitable brand, made a modest entry in the sixties. During the 1950s and 60s, the company expanded greatly by acquiring other breweries. First was the addition of McDowell as one of the Group subsidiaries, a move which helped United Breweries to extend its portfolio to wines and spirits business.

Bengaluru’s tryst with beer goes back to its colonial history when the British soldiers had to have cheap liquor and inaugurated the brew. The other Bengaluru had its own country liquor ‘saarai’ and military hotels that served the masses with popular non-vegetarian cuisine

It was another connection to the House of Khodays and the distinguished gentleman Srihari Khoday that played a role in making the city addicted to liquor.

The largest brewery in India by market share is the Bengaluru based United Breweries.

Top Breweries @ Bengaluru

Bhrama Brews


 Residency Road





Biere Club

  Lavelle Road

Biere Societee




Brahma Brews

 JP nagar

Brew Witch Club


Arbor Brewing

 Opp. Garuda Mall



Big Brewsky

 Sarjapur Road



The Big Pitcher

 Next to Leela Palace

Brew & Barbeque


Biere Street


Bangalore Brew works

  Residency Road

Brooklyn Microbrewery


BBQ’D, Global Grill and Brewery

 UB City

Brooks & Bonds Brewery


Simon Says Brew works









  Residency Road

District 6

 Orion Mall

Druid Garden


Float Brewery

 Kalyan Nagar

Farzi Café

  UB City



BBQ’D,Global Grill

 UB City N


 Sarjapur Road N

La Casa Brewery

  Sarjapur Road

Murphy’s Brewhouse


3 Monkeys Brew Pub

 Old Madras Road

Prost Brew Pub


Purvi Green

  Batterahalli, K.P.Puram

Punjabi By Nature


Red Rhino


Biere Republic

  Church Street

Spice Terrace

  Lavelle Road



The Whitefield Arms


Windmills Craftswork


Xtreme Sports Bar

  New BEL Road

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