East Bengaluru – nine pubs closed down

East Bengaluru – nine pubs closed down

East Bengaluru – 9 pubs are closed down by the Fire department.  The fire and emergency services department filed police complaints against owners of pubs and bars in Indiranagar and Jeevanbima Nagar for ignoring notices to fix safety issues on their premises. 

Bengaluru Pub history :

The city’s rendezvous  with beer began as early as 1915. United Breweries (UB), which supplied beer to the British cantonment, was at the time run by a Thomas Leishman, who sold it to Vittal Mallya in 1947.

Mallya’s United Breweries Ltd. produces several brands of lager, including the city’s favourite Kingfisher. Now, the city consumes more than 55% of the Kingfisher beer (all types) sold in the country according to a senior official UB group.

At Ramda’s, believed to be the city’s first pub, an evening usually included a few mugs of Khoday’s draught, served with masala peanuts and vadas.

Closure of pubs in East Bengaluru :

The closure of nine out of 12 pubs and bars in East Bengaluru is attracting a lot of eyes.  According to the officials sufficient time was given to remedy safety issues but in vain.

Bescom has cut the power supply to the pubs and the police has been given orders to arrest the owners if they continue to operate the joints and pubs.

The pubs which are closed are Tipsy Bull, Pecos, The Humming Tree, Escape Hotels, New Leaf Restaurant, BFIat and the Fatty Bao.

Pecos at Indiranagar

According to the department, it had issued 4 to 5 notices to them with instructions to follow the safety measures and be prepared in case of fire accidents.  

It it noted that East Bengaluru has the highest number of Pubs. As the notices were ignored the officials closed down 9 pubs in East Bengaluru.

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