Wine Tour/Tourism – Karnataka State

The Wine tour/tourism is managing to get  attention of wine enthusiasts in India and World.

The wine tour/tourism is an initiative to educate people on the intricacies of making good wine and tasting it.  Wine culture is becoming popular in the State of Karnataka.

In a matter of months, the wine tour will become a reality in the State.   This initiative is taken by the Karnataka Wine Board in association with the Wineries in Karnataka.

History of Winery

Glass of red wine against vineyards 

Wineries have been established in India in three ‘waves’. The first wave (1986-1999) came about when three brave entrepreneurs ventured to set up wineries despite the absence of any support from the State or the Centre. The wineries were Indage Vintners / Champagne India at Narayangaon in Maharashtra (1986), Grover Vineyards near Bangalore (1992), and Sula Vineyards near Nashik (1999).

Cultivation of wine grapes

Cultivation of wine grapes has seen a rapid growth in the recent years.  This is due to the formation of Karnataka Wine Board (KWB) which came into existence in 2007.

The area of grape growth has increased over the years. Grapes and wine grapes are in great demand and the government is giving subsidy per acres.

Wine Tours/Tourism

From grape crushing to the fermentation process, the wine tour offers a variety of experiences.  Visitors gets to tour the facility and get a chance to taste different varieties of wine.

The KWB offers these tours on a lower tariff.  The initial wine tour will be organized at the Nandi Valley.  The KWB is getting into collaboration with 6 wineries to start the wine tour.

The Wine tour will be organized between January and March.   This is the time when grapes are harvested.  Wine tour gives an opportunity for the visitors to see all the process and procedures of wine making.  The process includes grape picking to stomping, crushing, barrel room, bottling etc.

The tour also includes visiting grape orchids involving the visiting in the processing activities.  Of course this also includes tasting of different wines.



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