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Who we are

Rashtrotthana Blood Bank is one of the major service projects of Rashtrotthana Parishat. Accepts blood from eligible VOLUNTARY BLOOD DONORS only. Provides safe, good quality and appropriate blood or blood components to patients. Serve the Society at large with no discrimination of caste, creed, religion, language, poor, rich, rural and Urban.

Rashtrotthana Parishat is a Public Charitable Voluntary Organization in Bangalore, Karnataka registered in 1965, under the Societies Act. The service activities of the Parishat have greatly influenced the society during the last five decades.

The three-fold Objective of Janajagruti (Spreading Cultural Awareness), Janaseva (Social Service) and Janashikshana (Mass Education) has been the guiding spirit of the Parishat and its activities. The activities of the Parishat always receive good support from the public.


OUR VISION – To serve humanity in its best meaningful way

OUR MISSION – To reach the unreached; our aim is to spread cultural awareness through social service and mass education.


1. Nation building along indigenous lines
2. Socio-economic-cultural uplift of deprived brethren
3. Harmony through intra community dialogue
4. Rural development through Bharatheeya ethos.

Activities were started in the year 1980 under the name of Rashtrotthana Rugna Seva Bhandara. It entered into the field of Medical Service with identification of Blood Group, Registration of Blood Donors, providing information regarding Blood Donors to those in need of blood, etc.

The Blood Bank was started on 30th May 1993 with the initial financial assistance of Smt. Subhadraben Jyanthilal Nagardas Shah (Jain). Subsequently, we have started second unit in Hubballi during June 2010 under the name Sha Damji Jadavji Chheda Memorial Rashtrotthana Blood Bank with the generosity of wife of Sri. Sha Damji Jadavji Chheda who provided their building free of cost for us to start the blood bank there.

Recognized as Regional Blood Transfusion Centre by Karnataka State Blood Transfusion Council. National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) has recognized and supported it. The Blood Bank was recognized as the ‘Best Blood Bank in Karnataka’ for the year 2011-12 by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Karnataka.

More than 1200 people who were active in various social domains, including many authors from 160 villages of Karnataka and many other states donated wholeheartedly to establish Rashtrotthana Parishat and became a backbone of this organization.

Blood Donation Camp

Rashtrotthana-Parishat Blood-Bank

Minimum requirements for Blood Donation Camp

1. The premises should not be less than 20 x 30 feet. If the donors expected are more, the area should be accordingly.
2. Adequate air and venlaon in the camp premises.
3. The area should have been cleaned with disinfectant.
4. Minimum of one plug point for the use of Blood bank equipment.
5. Drinking water facility.
6. Arrangement of minimum 3 ‐ 4 tables and 20 – 25 chairs.
7. Arrangement to provide minimum of 200ml of drinks to each donor. The
donor could be provided with fruit juice, Tender coconut, Badam Milk etc.
Light refreshment could also be arranged.
8. In addion to collecon of blood from the donor, there will be work of separang the blood into its components and such other emergency works and hence the commencement and closing of the camp should be adhered to.
9. The efforts should be made to get donors uniformly through out the camp
10. During summer there should be facility of Fan.
11. Attention should be paid to see that the donors do not crowd at the me of
donang blood.

Blood Donation is a Devine Act.

Brief Information Blood and Blood Donation

• Human blood is produced by human beings only. There is no substitute.
• Blood is a liquid that circulates throughout the body. Blood plays the central role in the body’s defence & nutrition supply.
• It is pumped by the heart, through a network of miles of blood vessels to each part of the body.
• Blood keeps the body healthy & active.
• Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body and takes carbon dioxide and other waste products to the lungs, kidneys and liver for disposal.
• It fights infections and heals wound.
• It sustains the lives of people whose blood functions have impaired by injury or illness.

• Anaemia
• Loss of blood from injury
• During certain surgeries
• If body cannot produce sufficient blood because of an illness
• Severe burns
• Severe infection that stops the body from properly making blood or some blood

• People with heart, kidney or liver diseases and blood disorders.
• Those on medication for diabetes (Insulin-dependant) or hypertension.
• Those who have undergone a major surgery recently.
• Those who had an attack of jaundice, rubella, typhoid or malaria.
• Persons suffering from infections such as AIDS, Hepatitis B & C, Syphilis and
• Pregnant or breast-feeding women
• Drug addicts

• One unit of blood saves approximately three lives
• It takes less than one hour of your time
• Healthy donors are the only source of blood
• Only 5% of the eligible population donate blood every year
• Donating blood is a safe process. Sealed and disposable needle is used only once for each donor
• Blood donation is a simple process: Registration, Medical History, Donation and Refreshment
• Regulation in India allow people to donate blood once in every 90 days for Male donors and 120 days for Female donors.

• Get a good night’s sleep
• Have a good breakfast or lunch
• Wear loose clothing with sleeves that can be raised above the elbow
• Relax

• In rare cases when bleeding occurs after removing the Band-Aid, apply pressure over the area keep your thumb figure.
• Do not smoke for 1 hour.
• Remove bandage after 6 hours.
• Do not remain hungry…
• Take time to enjoy a snack and a drink in the refreshment area after donation.
• Plenty of fluids over the next 24-48 hours.
• Avoid strenuous physical activity or lifting of heavy weights for about five hours after donation.
• If you are dizzy, lie down our doctors will take care

• Unable to donate blood ! there are other ways one can help
• Co-ordinate to organize a blood donation camp recruiting suitable donors.
• Work as volunteer at camps.

Donate Blood

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The Medical Officer
Rashtrotthana Blood Bank


We _______________________________ are organizing a Blood Donation Camp on ______________. We are happy that you have consented to conduct the camp. We have read and understood the ‘SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT BLOOD DONATION’ received through the mail and extend our full cooperation for the same. The letter of MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS for the success of Blood Donation Camp is received. We have read and understood the system. Our arrangement is as follows:

  • Name of the organization conducting the Blood Donation Camp:
  • Place where the camp is conducted :
  • Area of the place in which the camp is conducted :
  • Number of estimated Donors :
  • Time of commencement of camp :
  • Time of closing of camp :
  • Whether air and ventilation is available in the camp premises : Yes / No
  • Cleanliness in the camp premises : Yes / No
  • Drinking water facility : Yes / No
  • Electric Power and plug point System : Yes / No
  • Fan facility 3 to 4 Nos. : Yes / No
  • Table and Chairs facility 3 to 4 Table & 15 to 20 Chairs. : Will be arranged
  • Providing minimum 200ml of fluids & refreshment to the donor :
  • Can 4 to 5 Volunteers be provided to render service at camp :

Premises (Service like donor questionnaire filling, pre donation
Counseling, registration and post donation counseling)

We here by confirm to have agreed to make the above arrangements.

Date :

Signature of organizer with Name:
Complete Address:
Mobile No.:

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