3rd Test – Ind vs Eng

3rd Test – Ind vs Eng

Before Ind walks into to BAT, We hope Ind will pull out the 3rd Test with a WIN or with a draw.

Openers shuld do the trick, Virat’s 38th Test match and never played same 11 in 2 continuous match.

definitely all 11 facing the HEAT of Eng, Hope thy get through, its Mind vs Game.

Good start, 280+ would be good score to lead in the 1st innings

Rishabh Pant 1st Test, Hope he can replace the hunt for a Wicket Keeper for Ind and give rest to the Selector’s excuses.

for Eng, they might want to lead 3-0 but would they take RISK or just play the usual game?


Indian selector will address the challenges how players facing while they play overseas, especially the pitch and the selection of the best 11.


Come on guys, you can do it better.

Jibran Munaver – Prosthetic eye maker, Cricketer and Chef

Jibran Munaver – Prosthetic eye maker, Cricketer and Chef

   I recently met Jibran at his new restaurant in BDA Complex, Banashankari 2nd Stage. Initially, he seemed friendly, creative and enterprising due to his unique idea of a vegetarian Lebanese restaurant – Foodizo Cafe – that has over 40 types of mocktails. There was something more special with his talents and skills.
   Following the advice of his uncle who is a famous eye surgeon, Jibran trained at the International Prosthetic Center in Hyderabad. He now makes medically approved eye prosthesis that he handcrafts with acrylic at his clinic in HSR Layout. There are less than hundred people in India and just three in Bangalore including Jibran who make these optic prostheses.
   He has helped over 5,000 people in Bangalore to look normal again after losing an eye due to accidents or medical problems. With the help of these acrylic eyes, optically challenged people are able to socialize again with confidence. Jibran was formerly working at Narayana Netralaya and he now consults at Manipal Hospital at Salem, Manipal University and many hospitals in Bangalore. Most of the prosthetic implant surgeries are performed at Jibran Prosthetic Eye Center which is also known as De Cure Center.
   Jibran helps many people from the background and is a gem to our city. He is also a good cook and often experiments on recipes to add to his cafe. He is also a Karnataka state level sportsman who plays cricket professionally as an all-rounder.
Blog by : Ananthsimha M.A.
Ananthsimha M.A.  along with Jibran Munaver


Kart racing or karting is a variant of open-wheel motorsport with small, open, four-wheeled vehicles called karts, go-karts, or gearbox/shifter karts depending on the design. They are usually raced on scaled-down circuits. Karting is commonly perceived as the stepping stone to the higher ranks of motorsports, for example Ginetta Juniors, FIA Formula 4, FIA Formula 3, FIA Formula 2 and FIA Formula 1, with former F1 champions such as Nico Rosberg, Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher beginning their careers in karting.

Go-kart in India is picking up and may-be its time to see an Indian makes it to International standards.

Go-Kart @ Namma Bengaluru is in every corner, It host multiple events and also fun filled driving.

Pic: Burnout (Cafe/Go-Karting/Pool Billiards)

India to Bharat?

India to Bharat?

should India renamed to "Bharat"

The scriptures say “jambu dweepe Bhaarata varshe….” And from time immemorial a meaningful Samskrita ‘padham’ Bhaarat, has been in vogue: no one can deny this. Yet, our Constitution included the name India and liberally allowed everyone to use it even after attaining Independence from foreign invaders.

The Concept of Nation must sink into everyone’s mind, because nation is just an idea. When this idea burns through the mind, sinks into the heart and the passion rises towards it, then you have the real nation.
Otherwise nation would be just on papers and this would be the unfortunate reality for us.

After Bombay became Mumbai in 1995, Madras to Chennai in 1996, Calcutta to Kolkata in 2001, Trivandrum to Thiruvananthapuram in 1991 and Bangalore to Bengaluru in 2014.

Watch Sadhguru explaining the importance of a “Name”

Eng-Ind – 2nd Test @ Lords

Eng-Ind – 2nd Test @ Lords

India not got enough statistics @ Lords, and 1st Test was not a great start.

Will Ravi Shastri delivers or the Team India can pull it out?

Ben Stokes not playing is a blessing to make it 1-1, Eng looks stronger with Sam Curran, Ollie Pope, Adil Rashid and Chris Woakes

Kuldeep, Jadeja  or our Batsman can pull it off?

Eagerly waiting for the results.

Will it be a 5 day?



Vijayalakshmi Thimmaiah- Kengal Hanumanthaiah

Vijayalakshmi Thimmaiah- Kengal Hanumanthaiah

My journey continues with meeting of great Bangaloreans – Mrs.Vijayalakshmi Thimmaiah daughter of Kengal Hanumanthaiah

I was able to sense the energy of Late Kengal Hanunathaiah after spending an hour with Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Thimmaiah, daughter of Mr.Kengal Hanumanthaiah.  The way she narrated the journey of her father from a Lawyer to becoming Chief Minister of Mysore, the roles he managed, the hurdles which he took, the negotiation skills he posed, the leadership qualities, clarity of thought, unified Karnataka, the plan and construction of Vidhana Soudha, meeting several delegates from established countries, foundation of vokkaliga community, economics development for Karnataka State and Country, trust from people like Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, efficient administration, upliftment of  the rural areas,  good economic progress of the State and a family man.

I’m still looking forward for several meetings.

Dattatreya Aralikatte – Puppet man of India

Dattatreya Aralikatte – Puppet man of India

My journey continues of meeting great Bangaloreans – Mr.Dattatreya Aralikatte- The Puppet Man of India

Mr Dattatreya Aralikatte taught geography at the Bangalore Higher Secondary School (BHSS) and also worked at Akashwani or the All India Radio. His stint with radio helped him learn the nuances of voice modulation, script writing and music.  A very soft spoken, down to earth person. I was one those lucky ones who got groomed by him during my studies at BHSS.

Had the opportunity of meeting him personally and what a wonderful person to be associated with!!!.  The ideas, the passion, the logic, his concern about society made me wonder whether such type of persons are there in this fast running age.

His concern about the society, where it is heading today made everybody think logically.  For every question he has a ready answer.  His concern for youngsters and youth of today made us take stock of where we are today.   His ideologies gave us a chance to give fodder to the brain.    A great person and a privilege to know and to be associated with.

I am gratified by the education what he gave me today of  “Never Give-up”.



With Harish Padmanab.

Mr.Harish Padmanab an Engineer by profession hails from a Legendary family.  His great Grand father and Grand father all have received several recognition from Maharaja’s of Mysore  and Top Britisher rankers.  Mr.Harish Padmanabh is soft-spoken and has a pride in what his fore-father, grand-father and his father contributed to the development of the city in there respective fields.



My journey continues of meeting great Bangaloreans – Mr.Upendra

Mr. Upendra has made a mark in the world of Cinema. He is an individual who has followed what he believes. People around the globe have accepted and applauded his ideas and his work. And for the love for his fellow state-people, the star has rolled out a new political party “Prajakiya”,  which means for the people from the people and to the people of Karnataka.

The concept of Prajakiya believes in people oriented activities. This party works for the people and by the people. It allows residents to choose a candidate from the manifesto, which is screened and approved by Mr.Upendra, himself.

Prajakiya also has an APP (Mobile APP), where residents can post the challenges that they are facing in their locality/ward/constituency, so that it can reach the concerned officers.

Mr. Upendra’s vision for Prajakiya is that every individual should be able to claim his/her rights. He is completely against the current political party system and he believes people of Karnataka will soon understands and support the vision of Prajakiya Party.

It was one of those pleasant day for me, especially after meeting Mr.Upendra, A man with several credits under his belt as a Writer, Director, Actor, and being very humble and yet ambitious. He is very clear with his thoughts about what  to give back to the community in big way through Prajakiya.

Prajakiya be the Citizen political party?

The Indian Puppet Show

story of a genius…

Mr Dattatreya Aralikatte taught geography at the Bangalore High School and also worked at Akashwani or the All India Radio. His stint with radio helped him learn the nuances of voice modulation, scriptwriting and music, which would later pay off when he took the plunge into puppetry, as a full time puppeteer.

His tryst with puppetry began in 1981 when his ‘guru’  M.R. Ranganath Rao, himself a national award winner, made him learn the ropes of the art from

Datta grew up in Aralikatte and graduated from high school from Basarikatte school. He is born to a Gandhian father, M.S. Ramarao and Lalithamma. He earned his Bachelor of Arts and in Bachelor of Education Degrees from the Mysore University and Master of Arts and Master of Education from the Bangalore University. Being a student, he was very much interested in the field of theater.

Awards and Recognitions

Sangeet Natak Academi Award for his outstanding contribution to the field of Puppetry by the President of India Ram Nath Kovind on January 17, 2018.
CCRT Presidents’ National Award
Datta was chosen by the Karnataka Janapada and Yakshagana Academy for its Annual award for 1996
The prestigious Centre for Cultural Research and Training “Teachers Award”
His name is included in World Puppeteer’s Encyclopedia.
Best Teacher for the year 2004 by Indian Government, Ministry of Human Resource and Development 
Aryabhata award and Ragasuddhalaya Puraskar
His visit to Iran, Brazil, South America, Israel and the United States has got him and his nation, great recognition

Indian Puppet have enough recognition in India?