Education – importance

Education gives a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It develops a perspective of looking at life. It helps build opinions and have points of view on things in life.

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Significance :

Education is so much important for success in life. It is important for the personal, social and economic development of the nation. It is important to live with happiness and prosperity.

Education  gives knowledge

Every human being needs oxygen to survive in the world. Education is as important as this because it gives people the knowledge and skills they require.  It is important to people of all ages and it has no limit. Children require it in order for them to learn, how to speak and to write.

Why is education necessary?

Good and proper education plays a great role in shaping future and professional career. It helps to develop personality and earn recognition and respect in the family and society. One can say that it is socially and personally an essential part of human life.

education is necessary

Educational aims are correlated to ideals of life. The goal of it should be the full flowering of the human on this earth. According to a UNESCO study, “the physical, intellectual, emotional and ethical integration of the individual into a complete man/woman is the fundamental aim of education.

Tool – Education  :

As Nelson Mandela says, “Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world.” It is the key to eliminating gender inequality, to reducing poverty, to creating a sustainable planet, to preventing needless deaths and illness, and to fostering peace.

Education has been shown to increase economic growth and stability. One of the most important benefits is how it improves personal lives and helps societies run smoothly. We live longer, fuller, and happier lives as learned and knowledgeable individuals.

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