Higher cutoff for girls in Bengaluru Colleges

Higher cutoff for girls in Bengaluru Colleges

Higher cutoff for girls in Bengaluru colleges is illegal and discriminatory.  PU colleges in Bengaluru are setting higher cut-off for girls when compared to that for boys this admission season.   Female students are apparently being punished for scoring better marks. 

In a country where women are under represented in almost all walks of life, where women face discrimination and violence on everyday basis, a few colleges in Bengaluru believe they have a problem of “too many girls”.

To ‘fix’ this problem a higher cutoff mark for girls for admissions into PU courses.  To justify the decision, the colleges are quoting guidelines issued by the Karnataka Government that in fact aimed to improve girls access to education.

Government rule :

To balance an equal number of girls and boys in government and government-aided institutions, the department of Pre-University Education of the Karnataka State government had issued guidelines to PU Colleges to follow a seat matrix. 

This was primarily introduced to ensure that more girl students are given admission in the colleges.

Reasons given for higher cutoff for girls :

For Example in Christ PU College, the cutoff for the science stream is 93.92% for girls and 91.04% for boys –   a difference of 2.88% .

The cutoff for boys opting for science in Bengaluru’s ME SPU college is 92% while for girls it is 95%.  For girls opting to take up commerce, the cut off is 94% while for boys it is 92%.

The Vice-Chancellor of Christ (deemed to be University) Fr. Abraham VM, was justifying by saying, “Girls are smart and this is not a new trend.  If there is no higher cutoff, the college will have only girls.  Higher cutoff is to bring in gender balance”.

Normally cutoffs have been set at a high with even the 85% benchmark not guaranteeing admission in the sought-after colleges.  Some colleges do not carry a cut off for admission.

Missing names in Second list due to cutoff :

Students with 85% marks in class 10 didn’t figure in the second list for admissions published by famous colleges in Bengaluru city.

One of the parent whose daughter has scored 76% quoted, “there is cutoff and there is quota.  I have not forced my daughter to score 90%.  I know a child achieves a lot more and marks does not matter.  My daughter is an all rounder.  Life has big plans for her.  But I don’t know how to make sure she get through”.

Reaction of students :

One student said, “It is unfair. Girls are punished for faring better than boys.” She had scored 91.2 per cent in her 10th standard and was hoping to get into science at Christ. The cutoff for the stream, however, is 93.92 per cent for girls and 91.04 per cent for boys — a difference of 2.88 per cent.

A higher cutoff for girls has caused an outrage on social media, with many criticising how women are often punished for being better than men.

High Court Notice to PU Colleges :

The Karnataka High Court has issued notice to the State Government, office of Collegiate Education and Pre-University Education Department for demanding huge sums of money as donation.

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