Kannada Pustaka.org for visually impaired

Kannada Pustaka.org believe that access to books is key to education. The members  strongly believe that as a society, one needs to raise the standards of inclusive education and create more opportunities for the visually impaired.

At Kannada Pustaka, the members give them the tools to succeed by providing books in the formats they need. They are proud to have created the first digital library of accessible Kannada textbooks.

MOU signed with Karnataka government :

Kannada pustaka signed a MoU with the Department of Kannada and Culture, Government of Karnataka to create an open library of open source audio books. They are working towards creating audio formats of all the open source Kannada Literature.

Kannada pustaka is working with a team Kanaja.in and the department to pilot this ambitious project.

After over two years of groundbreaking activities, Kannada Pustaka got registered as a non-profit public trust on the 3rd of May 2018. This enabled them  to build projects and build resource base. 

Kannada pustaka help visually disabled :

Students with born vision disability and who suffer vision loss do not have  access to books.  They learn Braille or wait  for other recorded audio formats. With a vision to bring all students the textbooks they need in the format they prefer, kannada pustaka  turned digital. It created the first digital library of accessible Kannada textbooks. 

Text book chapters :

Kannada Pustaka create editable textbook chapters through a semi-automated distributed proofreading process. Unicode used with text to speech synthesis engines provides an approach to create audio files almost immediately.

Kannada pustaka.org :

Kannada Pustaka is a voluntary initiative creating open source accessible textbooks. These books are meant for educational use. The Unicode text content used to generate these audio textbooks was created adopting a distributed proofreading model.

Textbook chapters are available as podcast episodes on iTunes. These audio books have seen sent to all schools for special children across Karnataka. 

Digital copies of Braille textbooks are available for download in kannada pustaka.org. These files are shared under  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.

The purchase does not require any payment.  This project is completely voluntary and rely on dedicated contributors who devote their time to correcting textbooks converted from print or PDF.  

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