School Bag Weight –  School Children

School Bag Weight –  School Children

School bag weight will be lighter for children in namma Bengaluru from now onwards.


School bag weight will be lighter according to the Human Resource Development ministry instructions to all the State Governments.

HRD Ministry Instructions

The school bag weight according to the HRD ministry should be

1.5 kg       –  for Class I & II   and no homework

2-3 kgs.    –  for Class III & IV

4 Kgs        –  for Class VI & VII

4.5 kgs.     –  for Class VIII & IX

5 Kgs.       –  for Class X

Prescribed syllabus

Classes  I & II  – Language and Mathematics

Classes II & III – EVS & Mathematics

Parents views on school bag weight :

While parents blame teachers for the increase in school bag weight, school managements feel students tend to carry most of the books.  The teachers say that the parents should ensure that books are sent as per the timetable.

Parents of these school going children have welcomed the move by the Ministry.  The commitment by the Karnataka State to take a serious look at reducing the burden of schoolbags on children is to be seen.

The communication, which was sent out to States last month, is set to be followed up by the Department of Primary and Secondary Education, which has, in the past, been unable to regulate the school bag weight of children.

The school bags are sometimes not possible for the parents to lift and carry and the plight of children is pathetic.   Due to the school bag weight children are having serious physical problems.  The move by the HRD is a welcome news to both children and parents.

The Department of Primary and Secondary will now have to reduce the content in textbooks.

School Bag weight Problems:

Carrying a heavy bag has resulted in Musculoskeletal and psychological problems among primary school children.

According to International guidelines, school bag weight should not be more than 10% of the child’s body weight on their shoulders.

To reduce the school bag weight, the syllabus has to be revised and reduced. To reduce the content of the textbooks, the irrelevant chapters needs to be cut down.

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