Design Thinking for Innovation 2019

Design Thinking for Innovation 2019

Its Beginning! 02 Aug 2019
    Residency Road
    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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    Design Thinking for Innovation 2019

    Design Thinking (DT) is a compelling and holistic approach that has been embraced by organizations that drive innovative solutions to solve wicked problems in a human-centric way. The methodologies of Design Thinking are adopted by professionals to recognize the Innovators in them. Organizations pursue Design Thinking as an approach to reduce risks and enhance value for business growth and innovation; however, for a successful and unique customer value proposition, it is important to tailor the methodology to fit the needs and culture of an organization.

    Design Thinking is a concept that applies an iterative model, to reach an effective solution by facilitating customer acquisition, increase corporate efficiency and streamline processes with technology. The Design Thinking for Innovation (DT4I) 2019 India Conference will focus on how to apply DT methods to your specific business opportunities and challenges by understanding:

    How organizations can have an empathic view towards customers needs to deliver better products and services
    How organizations can have a user-centric culture that improves cross-functional collaboration and de-centralize design capabilities across the organization
    How organizations are using DT as a framework for “radical collaboration” to create a culture of creativity and innovation between multiple teams
    How organizations are using Design Sprint to solve big problems through design, prototyping, and testing with customers in 5 days

    We’ll answer the key question for designers, researchers Product Manager and experience leads: How can you leverage design thinking in a way that best fits your organization to translate design ideas into business strategy?

    Great Speakers line-up to bring you a fresh perspective on the application of Design Thinking and its potential to drive change and growth in your organization.

    Our Speakers:
    Deepa Bachu- Co-Founder & CEO at Pensar Design
    Dr. Pavan Soni- Innovation Evangelist
    Atul Manohar- Director of User Experience at Informatica
    Lakshman Pachineela Seshardi- Strategy, Design and Innovation Specialist at SAP India
    Subbu Iyer- Founder & Chief Designer at Hreemm

    Date : 2nd august 2019

    Venue : The Chancery Pavilion, 135 Residency Road, Bengaluru, India 560025