Three unimposing lockers at the Badminton court of 150 years old club, the Bowring Institute club in Bengaluru is the latest scandal at namma Bengaluru.  After the ID raid the investigations is probing a scam involving a large amount of money laundering which includes some of the top politicians in the Karnataka Government.

The locker bearing no. 61, 70 and 71 had the treasure comprising a huge stake of currency notes and documents, jewellery, blank signed cheques and promissory notes.  Bowring Institute authorities broke open 126 unauthorized lockers and found 6 bags stashed in 3 lockers.  The lockers were in the name of Avinash Kukreja.  Avinash belongs to the Sindhi Community of Bengaluru and his father Assardas Amarlal was a very well-known financier in Bengaluru.  According to different sources, the family was a solution in financial distress to politicians, builders and film producers.   They used to given loans in crores against property as surety.

Even though Avinash Kukreja has not come out openly to make a statement, his wife said the amount announced by the officials were exaggerated and that all the property documents found in the lockers are legal.  According to her, her husband is not in the right frame of mind to make a statement.

The Club’s management committee on Monday, the 23rd July 2018 held a meeting and came to a conclusion of issuing a show cause notice to its Member Avinash Kukreja for stashing money and documents at 3 different lockers in the club premises and issued a show cause notice on July 24, asking his explanation why he should not be expelled from the membership of the club.  The club wants to know how he got three lockers, when members are granted  to have only 1 locker and how he has managed to have lockers in different names.  Neither he nor his family have enrolled for the sport but still have 3 lockers for their availability.

The lockers at the badminton club are used to stash the sports attire, sun glasses, watches etc.   But these lockers were stashed with cash and jewellery.  Dollars of Hong Kong worth several crores were also recovered.  It is understood that his sister is married to a businessman in Hong Kong.  Some of the recovered documents are said to have crucial evidence of the ongoing IT investigations of various personalities in connection with politicians in Bengaluru.

Now the ball is in the IT Department’s court. It is also important to investigate all those who were having dealings with him.  How good the investigation will be and whether the culprits will be put behind the bars is to be seen.


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