Advanced traffic solutions for namma Bengaluru roads

Advanced traffic solutions for namma Bengaluru roads

Advanced traffic solution Bengaluru, a city which is quite infamous for its incredibly slow-moving traffic, is all set to heave a sigh of relief, all thanks to Japan.

Japan will offer a grant to install an advanced traffic information and management system in Bengaluru.  The project is expected to contribute to strengthening connectivity and industrial competitiveness of the local economy, by improving traffic congestion and urban environment.

This new system will help reduce congestion length, currently reaching 550 meters.  at its longest, by 30 percent, at interchanges facing heavy congestion and contribute to enhancing the convenience of urban transportation and revitalizing the local economy.

After helping Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand with its traffic systems, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will inject Rs.757.8 cr. into building smart network signals in Bengaluru.

Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) will be the nodal agency for the project, which entails the following components: a) Bengaluru Traffic Information Centre (B-TIC) which will serve as the central nervous system; b) GPS probe system for BMTC buses, taxis etc which will give information to B-TIC about vehicle location and speed etc; c) Queue-length measurement sensors (QMS) which will analyze the traffic density; and d) Automatic traffic counters and classifiers which will inform B-TIC about the nature of traffic so that signals can be streamlined and made real-time.

DULT has already identified 29 junctions on MG road and Hosur road in Bengaluru to kick-start the project. They plan to coordinate signals and factor in pedestrian crossings too. The system will provide signal-less green corridors to motorists at three stretches.

JICA’s Intelligent Transport Systems have helped several cities in Southeast Asia but this is the first time that MODERATO (Management by Origin-Destination Related Adaption for Traffic Optimization) systems will be installed outside of Japan.

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