Doddabidarakallu lake  under threat:

Doddabidarakallu lake  under threat:

Lakes are one of the valuable wetlands of BengaluruNowhere is it more apparent than in the city of Bengaluru, once famous for its beautiful lakes created by Kempe Gowdas and the Wodeyars of Mysore and then the British. The wetlands in the city are now dying a slow death thanks to rapid growth and urbanization resulting in encroachment and discharge of sewage and industrial effluents.

Most lakes in the Bengaluru region were constructed in the 16th century by damming the natural valley systems by constructing bunds. They met the drinking water, irrigation and finishing needs of the community and were known to have a positive impact on the ecology and micro-climate of the city. They not only help by replenishing the groundwater resources in the vicinity, but also prevented flooding, treated waste-water, arrested sediment loads and functioned as a productive ecosystem.

The Daddaabidrakallu lake falls under the limits of Nagasandra and Doddbidrakallu villages off Tumakuru Road in North Bengaluru.  This lake is connected to the Tippagondanahalli reservoir, which is under  the jurisdiction of Bengaluru Development Authority.

Residents in and around lake complain of garbage and debris dumping, encroachments and discharge of sewage.  BWSSB set up a sewage treatment plant near the lake a few years ago, but it is hardly of any use.  Residents complain that the authorities have not taken any measures to save the water body.  The sewage treatment plant is not treating the water entering the lake.

After the construction of the STP near the lake, a project was taken up to revive the lake years ago.  But the lake has not seen any development.  According to BDA, the lake has been not revived for the last 10 years.


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