File Disposal Week from Revenue Department

File Disposal Week from Revenue Department

With the pending file keep mounting in the department, Karnataka Revenue department will hold ‘File disposal’ week from Nov. 12 to 18,  according to the Minister of Revenue and Skill Development Mr. R.V.Deshpande

During the said period, the files pending for more than one year will be given top priority.  The Regional commissioners, Department heads and Deputy Commissioners have been asked to advise their subordinates as how to disposal important files at the earliest.

The main object is:

  • the disposal of pending files within the time limit
  • an effective step towards qualitative and quantitative disposal and
  • immediate benefits to public through speedy disposal.

At the end of November 18, a detailed report about how much files were pending before the beginning of the week and how much disposed at the end and also how many files still pending at the department will be sought and be noted from the respective officers and further steps will be taken to see that the number of pending files becomes nil.



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