Gridlock for Nandi Hills Cable car project

Gridlock for Nandi Hills Cable car project

Nandi Hills, or Nandidurg, is a hill fortress.  Tipu Sultan Fort, a summer retreat of the namesake 18th-century ruler, features stone carvings and wall paintings. Prisoners are said to have been thrown to their death from Tipu’s Drop, now known for scenic views.

The rope-way to Nandi hills, a project that remained a mirage for the past 32 years after it was proposed by actor Shankar Nag made a slow move after a long time.  This rope-way project was first conceived by late actor Shankar Nag, who had held a number of discussions with the then State Government to realize it in the 1980s.  He along with his wife Arundhati Nag had even a blueprint prepared.  After his demise, the project went into cold storage. Post his death the state government fleetingly looked at the project with limited seriousness with a survey being conducted in 2004-05 through a private company before the project again receded to the backburner.

Later the project was transferred to the tourism department.  Long lines of cars and bikes clogging the hills’ roads have caused the local tourism board to have a think on cable cars.  The project received a much-needed fillip following the new Karnataka tourism policy (2014-2019), one of the objectives of which is to develop pollution-free transport to tourism hotspots.   Later The then Chief Minister Mr. Siddaramaiah in his 2015-16 budget announced the project but unfortunately it has remained a non-starter ever since.  Over the last two years, three companies were in discussion with the authorities to take forward the project, but none of the proposals materialized.

The ropeway project has been planned to be executed under the public-private partnership model after preparing a detailed project report.  If the project gets completed it will not only add to the thrill of hundreds of visitors to Nandi Hills which is at an altitude of 1848 feet from the sea level.  This project will provide pollution-free tourism at the tourism hotspot.

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