Horn not OK please

Horn not OK please

Hope the roads of Bengaluru could soon get less noisy.  The Government of India is planning to reduce the noise level of horns on vehicles by 10%. i.e. below 100 decibels.

As per Central Motor Vehicle Rules, the noise range of horns is currently fixed between 93 dB and 112 dB.  The Government is planning to bring down the range to 88 dB at the lower end with a higher end limit under 100 dB.

The objective is to significantly reduce unnecessary honking by automobiles of all kinds on the streets, major intersections, and roads of India. Horns are supposed to be used to alert the vehicles to avoid a possible collision but people are abusing it by using them to communicate raising the sound pollution to unbearable levels.  It is also a cause of accident both due to being startled and also diverting concentration.  Noise pollution has become a major contributor for rising cases of hearing loss and damage to eardrums.

Horn not OK Please is an initiative started to raise awareness about noise pollution and health problems caused by unnecessary honking on the roads.  Horns should be used only if there is no other recourse is what is meant.

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