Karnataka State Police App launched to make cops more accessible to citizens.

If a crime is to be controlled, active participation of people is a must.  The police are working towards gaining the confidence of the citizens and involving them in preventing the crimes which is increasing day by day.  The city police are marking the best use of technology and are connecting directly with the people in distress.

This app was launched by Chief Minister Kumaraswamy. The app is an attempt to modernize the state police and extend the services to reach out all. The main features includes reporting non-emergency incidents, locating the closest police station, looking out for missing persons etc.   This new initiative is a part of the State Police’s efforts.  This app ‘The Karnataka State Police app’ is launched in the same line as ‘Suraksha’ launched by Mr. Siddaramaiah Government which was aimed specifically to ensure women’s safety.

This app is developed  by Capulus Technologies Pvt. Ltd. from Chikkamagaluru.  The app has had humble beginnings and was first developed by two engineering students from same place in 2015 from Adichunchanagiri Institute of Technology.

This app includes the ‘SOS’ button through which people can directly reach the police.  This is available both in Kannada and English. The Karnataka State Police app has included some vital features to help policemen in the State.  This includes the ability to download FIRs, details of stolen vehicle and the contact details of police office in the State.

The Key features of the app are:

  • SOS Panic button
  • Option to report incident with photo and video clip
  • Missing people section
  • Stolen vehicle database search

When the SOS panic button is used, it sends out alerts to the control room and also to a set of chosen contacts with the location you are in.  This app uses the GPS to show the nearest police station and the jurisdictional police station where you are to come in handy in emergency situations.

This app has a feature known as ‘report an incident’ which allows the users to upload a video or a photo.  There is a section for missing people and a search database for stolen vehicles, linked to the national Vaahan database of stolen vehicles.

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