Mobile phone towers to be 50 metres away from buffer zone.

Mobile phone towers to be 50 metres away from buffer zone.

The Mobile phone towers must compulsorily maintain 50-metre distance from the buffer zone.

The Government’s rule requires a 50-metre distance.  Educational Institutions, hospitals and religious structures and proposed mobile network telecommunications facilities must be 50 metres apart.

Electrical and electronic gadgets rule modern society.  On use, each of them generates ‘electro-magnetic field’.  The intensity and impact depend on the gadget type and the time of use. They all operate on electricity.

The high tension power transmission mobile phone towers consist the power grid.  The mobile phone base in India is expanding approximately 17 % per annum. The mobile tower installations have ‘visibly encroached’ into the urban landscape.

Reports from BBMP says there are more than 30000 optical fibre cable and telecommunication towers in Karnataka.  Bengaluru has 6766 towers.

Those mobile towers which have not complied with the buffer zone rules will be dismantled in the next 3 months.  Compulsory removal of towers near educational institutions should be in 3 months.

Cost of Erecting a mobile tower:

Within Bengaluru Rs.1  lakh

City Corporation limits Rs.35,000/-

Town Municipalities Rs.25,000/-

Gram panchayat Rs.15,000/-

Radiation from mobile-phone towers is possibly carcinogenic to humans.  This may cause (glioma) – a type of brain cancer.

Health issues/problems of having a mobile tower at close proximity:

  1. Burning and tingling sensation in scalp
  2. Fatigue & headache
  3. Sleep disturbance
  4. Dizziness, loss of memory
  5. Lack of concentration, increase heart rate.

Are the radio-frequency waves emitted from mobile towers killing us slowly? Being exposed to a mobile tower located within 50-metres is like being in a microwave oven for 24 hours, say experts.

The new rule demands the companies to install sound proof generators to power the mobile towers.  The mobile Co’s are directed to set up a distress cell and committee across Karnataka to monitor issues concerning mobile towers.

The rule also states the companies to obtain building plan occupancy certificates.  Analysis of the safety measures undertaken by the building also should be disclosed.



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  • Veer raghav

    By Veer raghav


    A stringent legal action to be taken who ever violates the rules and bbmp should also monitor to make sure rules are followed . Veer raghav

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