Plastics banned inside Lalbagh

Plastics banned inside Lalbagh

Beware of discarding plastics are banned inside the famous Lalbagh Botanical Garden.  Plastic items will not be allowed inside the Garden following a drive launched by the Horticulture Department in association with the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board.

The range of fine varies between Rs.50 and Rs.500.  Plastic items would be seized at the entrance and the visitors would be handed over a jute bag for Rs.5.  Fines will be imposed on those who manage to sneak them inside and pollute the environs.

Over the past decade, a lot of measures have been taken to keep the scenic park free from plastics.

Though the park authorities have managed to keep away big-sized plastic waste, smaller ones such as gutkha packets, chocolate wrappers, water sachets, bottles and other small plastic items thrown senselessly by visitors continue to be a big problem.  Visitor’s disregard for civic sense has also kept the officials busy at the park.

The Horticulture department outlet HOPCOMS within the garden’s premises has been restricted from selling chips packets, bottled water, and any items packaged in plastic.

The public is requested to co-operate with the authorities to keep the park clean and green.

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