Driving the vehicle at a high speed and thereby causing accidents and violating traffic rules is a major contributor for cause of accidents in Benglauru.  According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data confirms that Bengaluru is a motorist’s nightmare.  The city has seen the highest number of deaths due to dangerous and reckless driving in the country.  This reflects the commuter culture in Bengaluru.  The city motorists have to go a long way before their driving skills matches with that of a global city they live in.

The Traffic Police of Bengaluru file cases of dangerous and reckless driving, lane discipline, jumping traffic signals, overtaking, wrong direction driving on a one way.  But filing a case does not include over-speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol.

A case of reckless driving resulted in loss of a 19 year old girl’s life near Lalbagh on 22nd July 2018.  A concrete mixer truck knocked the scooter which the girl was driving and she was killed on the spot and her sister who was with her sustained injuries. The truck mowed them down.  The driver, Srinivasu, was arrested.  After the accident he, without bothering to take the accident victim to the hospital attempted to run away.

Every month over 800 trucks are confiscated.  For many driver’s it is just going to the court, paying a fine and getting back to violating rules again and again. The most common offences of the drivers are driving without licence, tax default and carrying excess passengers.

Stringent rules are in need to stop these type of accidents.


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