Footpath across Bengaluru’s main busy commercials areas have shrunk due to road widening.  To make matters worse the pavements have been used by two wheeler’s apart from shops and business establishments in many areas.

Two-wheeler’s riding on footpath are raising at alarming rate.   Normally on a busy main road two wheeler’s try to bypass the traffic on the road by getting on the footpaths, there by putting the life in danger of the pedestrians.  The footpath is meant for the movement of pedestrians.  But one can see a lot of two wheeler’s on the footpaths in the main road near traffic signals.

From January to June 2018, the city traffic police have registered around 20000 cases of footpath riding.  Despite increase in the number of accidents, the riders racing on the footpath are also increasing alarmingly.   This has become a major concern.

Even after conducting awareness programs about footpath riding, it has not dithered them from violating the rules.  Following traffic discipline has become a prime problem among the riders of two wheeler’s.

It seems like vehicle users insist on robbing pedestrians of their right of way by riding on pavements across the city.  Walking on the road has become an ordeal and if the safest part of road, the footpath is also encroached by vehicle movement, it gives a scary feeling.  The ground reality is that the footpaths are not safe anymore,

Some are of the opinion that levying heavy fines are the best way of discouraging the riders from using the footpath.  Strict action must be taken against those who violate the law.  Involvement of civic body, NGO’s and citizens themselves are needed. A persistent action from the anti-encroachment squad can only claim footpaths and preserve it for the pedestrians.

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