Sign board Menace on trees in Bengaluru:

Bengaluru, once known as Garden city with an abundance of trees and parks is  presently not a sight for eyes. Along with traffic, dust and pollution problems, we are seeing the signboard menace everywhere in Bengaluru.  Whether it is an electric pole, transformer box or a tree, is being used for advertisements for promotion purposes.  Often we see in different colors and shades the postcards, placards, boards nailed or stapled on trees, harming the tree and spoiling the beauty of the city.

Section VI of Advertisement By-laws 2006, states that no person should display poster, flex boards, staple or attach posters to the trees, electric poles in Bengaluru.  In spite of the law, the menace is increasing.  Advertisement for PG accommodation, play school, passport and pan cards have spoiled the beauty of the city.

Sending out a strong and sound message to the sign board mafia involved in posters that is sending Bengaluru towards a doomsday, the 7th ACMM ordered Sadashivanagar police to convert an Non-Cognisable Report into an FIR against those who put posters and pamphlets to trees on BEL Road.

But why only on BEL Road?  Instead it should be made a rule to file FIR’s for all areas in the city.   The Local area authority should spot the offenders and punish them.

The Government and the BBMP should come up with a plan for removing the advertising material on a daily basis with the law violators booked without fail.  The police Inspector and joint commissioner of the jurisdictional stations should be involved and if necessary, action should be taken against the offenders.

Trees play a major role as it moderates micro climate apart from sequestration of green house gases and helps in the seeping of water to the ground.

How many trees will we lose as a result of these?  and what will the impact be on Bengaluru – especially on the residents?  What would the ecological and environmental impact of losing these trees mean for Bengaluru?  The reasons why we should care are :

  1. Impact on Air pollution :  Trees help reduce levels of harmful air pollutants and suspended particulate matter substantially.  It is found that the trees on the sides of the road play a major role in keeping air pollution in check in the city.
  2. Loss of Bio-diversity : The trees along the congested roads, provide food and nesting habitat for birds, insects and other urban wildlife.
  3. Urban heat islands : During summer, the city suffers with unbearable heat.  Concreted buildings in the heart of the city create urban heat islands which absorbs excess solar heat during the day and hold onto it at night which creates a vicious cycle of high temperatures.

It takes years for a sapling to reach the size of a mature tree and provide environmental benefits.  The survival rate of saplings is often quite poor, and many may not survive to maturity.

Join hands to fight this cause and to bring glorious Bengaluru back…….

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