Vacation deprived – India stands first in the world

Vacation deprived – India stands first in the world

Vacation deprived – Indians are most vacation deprived in the world according to a survey conducted by Expedia which is a leading online travel agency.

India is followed by South Korea and Hong Kong.  India’s punishing work culture is taking its toll on employees and this in turn is contributing to vacation deprivation.  This is highest in the world and significantly more than last years 60%.

On an average 53% of Indians take very few vacation days than they get and 35% does not take leave at all.  This is due to work schedule and the reason of not having enough staff to cover.  Till date 68% of Indians cancelled or postponed their vacation due to work pressure and feel vacation deprived.

The Survey:

Expedia’s annual survey of Vacation habits covered 11,144 adults and 19 countries.  The survey was compiled by Northstar Research Groups.  The online survey was conducted between September 19 to 28, 2018 and collected responses. According to Survey Indians are most vacation deprived.

Vacation Deprived – Percentage in India

Indian respondents say they go without vacation from 6 months to a year and for 41% the duration was between one to 10 days.  In comparison 64% take vacation in Spain between 21 – 30 days.

Indian workers also do not utilize the full vacation days and rank five to leave their vacation unused after Japan, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.

Vacation deprived – percentage in Benglauru

To get a chance of having a vacation, 70% Bengalureans are ready to change their jobs.  91% say, after a vacation they are well under control of themselves.  36% Bengalureans take few short vacations often and during weekends.

Indian employees are worried about missing major work decisions taken in their absence.  They also feel being seen as less committed to their jobs in the eyes of their employer if taken a vacation.

Some Indians are of the opinion that people who are successful just don’t take vacation at all.  What’s worse is there is a little escape from work for Indian Workers even when they are on a holiday. It is noted that even during vacation they are expected to be available to their supervisors and colleagues.

It is advised to take a holiday as relaxation reduces anxiety and stress level and this in turn increases the productivity and work focus.

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