Women feel unsafe in Namma Bengaluru

Women feel unsafe in Namma Bengaluru

India’s startup capital has been declared unsafe for women, a tag it can’t possibly be proud of.

According to a recent poll conducted by Thomson Reuters Foundation, India has been adjudged the most dangerous country for women and women in Bengaluru do not feel safe. Based on their experiences, they feel the city is becoming increasingly unsafe with each passing day.

Women feel the police in the city are not women-friendly.  The police even refuse to lodge FIR’s in case of domestic violence, terming it as a personal matter. The cause of the problem is the mindset of men.  Women face harassment on roads, in restaurants, on public places.  Police security is needed.

As Bengaluru is well connected with other places, it has become a prominent place for women and child trafficking.  The city has become a transit zone.   The constant sexual attacks on the streets of Bengaluru are something no one can deny.

The voyeuristic incidents towards women on a regular basis in the city have failed to grab eyeballs.  Some are of the opinion that when we have ministers who sit and watch and get caught in assembly watching pornography and getting involved in sex scandals, how could they enact steady laws for the protection of women in the city. Bengaluru figures at the bottom of the list on protection of Women Rights and even had zeroed its position when it comes to awarding compensation to victims of abuse. 

The police too are aware of their flaws like the inhospitable manner of lower rank cops, lack of sensitivity and judgmental attitude towards the harassed victim.

Regardless of all these, some are of the opinion  and feels that  Bengaluru is one of the safer cities to live in India. Anyone who has traveled around India, lived in other places, will know that’s a fact.

The father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi had said: “India will be free when the women feel safe to walk in the streets of India in the midnight,” almost 70+ years of Independence we are yet to witness Mahatma Gandhi’s glorious day.

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