Inadequate Government Health Insurance Schemes

Even a routine visit to doctor to get a remedy for a small illness like cold and cough burns a hole in the pocket of an average middle class man.

While not all insurance programs are successful, there is sufficient evidence that if implemented well, insurance can save lives and improve financial well-being.  That people covered by insurance are  more likely to seek healthcare for their health issues and symptoms (such as chest pain).

While some get the medical cover under employer’s health insurance schemes, the amount of the cover is still inadequate.   Close to 95% of the Indians that come under the middle class category do not have enough health insurance cover from some of the most common ailments and procedures.

In coming times, the healthcare costs are bound to catch up with other developed foreign countries. It also shows that the percentage of the claims reimbursed or paid against the amount of the medical bills is falling, especially when it is above Rs 3 lakh.

The Karnataka State run specialty hospitals spend 25% to 30% of the surgery cost on patients who falls under government health insurance schemes.  According to the hospital authorities even after repeated request to hike the price cap on different surgeries, the response is nil.  According to the Director of one of the leading hospital, the government health schemes are more of a misnomer that is not benefiting the people.

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