Namma Bengaluru’s first Breast milk bank

Namma Bengaluru’s first Breast milk bank

Karnataka got its first  breast milk bank, a non-profit breast milk foundation at Fortis La-femme Hospital known as Amaara at namma Bengaluru.  Amaara provides pasteurized human breast milk to high risk new borns and babies whose mothers suffer lactation failure.  The hospital needs more mothers to donate breast milk for needy preterm babies.

Formula feed had been the go-to-solution in the absence of such a facility. Any lactating woman, who is in good physical and mental health and not on any medications or drugs and has an excess amount of milk after satisfactorily feeding her baby, is eligible to donate her milk. All willing mothers will be screened for certain conditions before they can donate their breast milk.

Amaara celebrated first anniversary recently and felicitated donors who have helped around 176 premature babies across 31 Neonatal Intensive Care Units in namma Bengaluru.

Human Breast milk and its benefits have been either understated or left in oblivion for long, leaving mothers unaware of the role it plays in assisting in the healthy nourishment of one’s newborn, and has been sadly left to be viewed and as mere food for babies. Human Breast milk is not just ‘food’, but a complex substance containing antibodies that not only fulfils a newborn’s dietary requirements but also aids in fighting off viruses and bacteria and lowers the risk of allergies, infections and illness in the long run for the child. It is a vital ingredient for the optimal growth and development of full-term babies, but even more so for preemies (preterm babies).

The process followed by the Amaara milk bank is based on the standard technology and methods followed in Europe.

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    Need to know the procedure to donate breast milk

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