Independent MP Nominee

Manohar Iyer

Manohar Iyer


Manohar Iyer is a IT Professional, Venture Capitalist, Enterpreneur,

Agriculturist, & Now seeking your Mandate on 18th April 2019 as an

independent candidate. A techie who quit a high-paying job in Malaysia.

The grandson of former Janata Dal MP V S Krishna Iyer, he moved to India

six months ago. He is Director of Proxiom Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Sptham

Food and Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

Born In: 1979

Manohar Iyer


B S Electranics

Bengaluru University

Political Career

1984-89 He serveed as a member of parliament of the 8th Lok Sabha elections from Bengaluru South.
2019 contesting as an independent candidate from Bengaluru South in the Lok Sabha elections 2019.

Total assets

Assets ( Including that of wife ): Rs Crore
Liabilities ( Including that of wife ): Rs Crore

More details

Manifesto for Bengaluru South

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