2.0 Movie Review

2.0 Movie Review


2.0 movie review is all about Rajinikanth diving deeply into two pivotal characters with all his might, but there is a dip in the enthusiasm.

2.0 – Movie Review

Unlike, the first part, Chitti is all reloaded to antagonize a force that is out to eliminate mobile phones and cellular transmission towers. The movie is all about the battle between the good and evil. The storytelling also goes well. However, the furious action sequences hardly touch the heights that flying mobiles achieve.

2.0 movie is focused on the sad reality of the sparrows vanishing from our metropolitan cities. Although, the pressing nature of the debate is buried under the loud yet impressive demo of animatronics, prosthetics, and special effects.

After Eight Long Years….

The co-screenwriter and director Shankar planned a follow-up to his movie Enthiran that was released in 2010. The Tamil cinema supernova, Rajnikanth has featured in this new movie after a long break. The 2.0 movie has been in the works for quite long and its stars show clear signs of wear and tear. However, for Rajnikanth fans, the movie wasn’t more than a minor irritant.

The Opening Scene

In the 2.0 movie opening sequence, a mysterious power is established, when a man hangs himself from a cell tower. He makes a serious attempt to eliminate mobile telephony from the face of the earth.

Suddenly, the towers are uprooted, and handsets fly off the hands of their owners and turn into a destructive wave. The city is in the control of complete mayhem. The army is called and a good scientist is roped in for stopping the impending calamity.

Scientist advises bringing Chitti back from the dead. His plan is constantly resisted by elements in the administration, but as things go out of control, Dr Vaseegaran secures a free hand. Soon, the lead actor plunges into the universe of two pivotal characters. But a visible dip in the enthusiasm can be felt.

The Entertainer 

The right-versus-wrong tropes that 2.0 movie employs are trite, but the battle is on at the heart of the film, where there are thought-provoking and entertaining moments, at once. But pulling this erratic, messy epic out of the fire is no cakewalk for Rajnikanth, as well.

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