“Birbal Trilogy” a Kannada thriller movie

“Birbal Trilogy” a Kannada thriller movie

Birbal is a Trilogy suspense thriller series written and directed by M.G. Srinivas.  The film is dark crime thriller. The movie is produced by T.R. Chandrashekar under the banner Crystal Park Cinemas.

The music for the movie is composed by Saurabh Vaibhav and Saurabh Lokhande.   Bharath Parashuram is the cinematographer of the film.   The movie is releasing shortly in theatres. 

Vajramuni is the name of the character in the movie.  The first part of the movie will be finding Vajramuni.  M.G.Srinivas is playing the role of Advocate Mahesh Das.

Rukmini Vasanth feature in lead roles along with Sujay Shastry, Vineeth and Aruna Balraj playing the supporting characters.

When a murder/crime takes place there are three dimension to investigate. 

  1. Why the murder  was done?
  2. How the murder was done? And
  3. Who did the crime/murder?

This movie makes one to think about a 4th dimension.   This is a movie where a cab driver is a police informer. 

Watch Birbal Trilogy premier and get richer by Rs.25K!!!!!!!

Watch the movie premier and get rewarded in cash to figure out the climax. Bookings for the premier show of the movie on Thursday – 2 shows in Benglauru and one in Mysure is open.

This gives you a chance to watch the film before everyone else and also to become richer.

According to the filmmaker there will be a standee with a phone no. on it outside each screen at the three theaters where the will be screened. during the interval, audience members have to guess the climax of the movie and message this (or you can send a voice message).

This should be given along with proper logical reasoning for the same, to the number on the Standee. One lucky winner will get a bounty of Rs.25000/-

The winner will be announced at a press conference once the Birbal-Trilogy releases in the theatres.


  • Pruthvi

    By Pruthvi


    Very nice articles being published in your portal with very much interest for Bangaloreans 👌👍👌

    • Naveen

      By Naveen


      Don’t you think using the name “VAJRUMUNI” would land the team in Trouble just before the release or is it used strategically as a promotional / marketing gimmick ahead of release in case of any controversy to erupt from the name being used.

  • Shoban

    By Shoban


    Why film name birbal ? Why not tenali ??

  • Rajesh

    By Rajesh


    Bribal name why ??

  • Naveen

    By Naveen


    Dont you think using the name vajrumuni would land the team in trouble especially just before release or is it specifically used for promotion / marketting strategy

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