Natasaarvabhowma – new kannada movie

Natasaarvabhowma – new kannada movie

Natasaarvabhowma Beats KGF By Opening With 550+ Shows in Bangalore! Biggest kannada release ever.

Natasaasrvabhowma is hitting the screens. Starring Puneeth Rajkumar, Rachita Ram and Anupama Parameswaran in the lead, the film has already grabbed the audience’s attention with its impressive trailer and soundtrack. 

Despite the highest number of screenings, the makers allowed early bookings for the film owing to the increased demand. The booking for Natasaarvabhowma began on February 3, 2019. Early morning shows in several theatres are already houseful.

Storyline of Natasaarvabhowma :

The story is about an investigative journalist Gagan Dixit.  He comes to Bengaluru from Kolkata on a transfer.  Looks like he is on the lookout for someone. In the mean time,  he befriends a central minister and  ends up living in a supposedly haunted house.

A young executive in a mobile company fall in love with him. Till now the usual story. But he twist in the story comes when he ends up being prey to supernatural happenings.

Natasaarvabhowma sees Puneeth Rajkumar team up with Pavan Wadeyar for the second time. It is a  typical masala kannada movie and there is a supernatural element in the film.

The film begins on a dramatic note, with the hero in the middle of a scoop and impressing his new office in Bengaluru with his abilities.   As he begins with his routine work, he ends up experiencing supernatural contact.  The film has some twists and tricks lined up, but it does unfurl in its own pace.

Puneet Rajkumar as Natasaarvabhowma :

Puneeth has acted in a genre he hasn’t been acted in before. While the promise holds true, the script itself seems a little loosely put together at times.  There are occasional  bump and detour. 

Puneet Rajkumar

The film has a lot of action, which is a treat for the die-hard fans of Puneet Rajkumar. The story has an underlying comic element throughout the movie, which is one of its plus points.

Natasaarvabhowma team :

Written and directed by Pavan Wadeyar  and produced by Rockline Venaktesh, Natasaarvabhowma also has Rachita Ram and Anupama Parameswaran in lead roles. The ensemble cast includes B Saroja Devi, P Ravi Shankar, Sadhu Kokila and Chikkanna.

Team Natasaarvabhowma

The film’s score and soundtrack is composed by D. Imman who is popular and successful music Director who works predominantly in Tamil, whilst the cinematography is by Vaidy.S.

Watch this movie if you want a film that has the commercial elements in place, but also has a little twist. Whether the twist is edgy and risque enough, that is another debate.

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