Activities that will be allowed from April 20 during lockdown 2.0 #COVID19

transportation of goods from Godown
Food Corporation of India Godown
  • Permits for transportation of goods (without any distinction of essential or non-essential commodities).
  • Employers will have to abide by stringent safety instructions suggested by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

“The activities that are permitted to function from April 20, 2020, aims at ensuring the following things –

A) Agricultural and related activities will remain fully functional and making sure that the rural economy functions properly.

B)Creation of employment opportunities for daily wage earners and other members of the labor force.

C) Permission for Industrial activities to resume their operations to select industries, with adequate safeguards and mandatory standard operating protocols (SOPs); and functioning of the digital economy.

List of Permitted activities to ensure the aforementioned –

1) Permit for Construction of roads and building projects in rural areas.

2) Transportation of goods without distinction of goods being essential or non-essential is allowed.

3) All agricultural and horticultural activities to be fully functional, such as –

  • Farming operations by farmers & infield farm workers will recommence.
  • Procurement of agricultural products, agriculture marketing will start.
  • Distribution through notified Mandis is allowed.
  • Direct as well as decentralized marketing, manufacture, distribution, and retail of fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds.
  • Activities of marine and inland fisheries will resume;
  • Animal husbandry activities, including the supply chain of milk, milk products, poultry, and livestock farming.
  • Lastly, tea, coffee, and rubber plantations will resume their function.

4) To provide a momentum to the rural economy, industries operating in rural areas will start to function as well. This includes –

  • Food processing industries are allowed to recommence functioning.
  • Road construction projects.
  • Irrigation projects.
  • Buildings, as well as industrial projects in rural areas, will resume their function.
  • Work under MNREGA (with priority to irrigation and water conservation works).
  • Rural Common Service Centres (CSCs) will start to operate.

These activities will create job opportunities for rural labor, including the migrant labor force.

Ration distributing to labor
bag in the queue for Ration

5) Permission has been given to manufacturing and other industrial establishments with access control in SEZs, EoUs, industrial estates, and industrial townships (after making sure they implement SOP for social distancing).

6) Manufacture for hardware (IT Industry) and of essential goods and packaging is also permitted.

7) Also, activities like Coal, mineral, and oil production are allowed. These are allowed in hopes that the industrial and manufacturing sectors will see a revival with these measures, and create job opportunities while maintaining safety protocols and social distancing.

8) The important components of the financial sector, e.g., RBI, banks, ATMs, capital and debt markets will also remain functional, with a view to providing enough liquidity and credit support to the industrial sectors.

9) Since the digital economy is critical to both the services sector the national growth. Therefore, the operation of e-commerce, IT and IT-enabled services, and data centers and call centers for Government activities are all permitted now. In addition to that online teaching and distance learning are permitted as well as encouraged.

10) The revised guidelines permit all health services and the social sector to remain functional; public utilities will recommence their function without any hindrance; the supply chain of essential goods to operate properly; and, important offices of Central and State Governments and local bodies to remain open with the strength required to do the work.

11) MNREGA work will be allowed with strict implementation of social distancing, face mask, and other safety protocols.

lockdown extended till 3 may.
Patna junction during the lockdown

The employers will have to abide by stringent safety instructions suggested by MHA, some of them are as follows:

1) Wearing a face mask at the workplace is mandatory.

2) Temperature screening and sanitizers at the workplace are a must in every company.

3) Employers must make sure that there are no Large meetings and shift overlaps

4) Employers need to promote the use of Arogya Setu

5) Workers need to stay within the company’s premises or in “adjacent buildings”.

6) Employers will have to arrange transportation for the employees.

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