Bruhat Bengaluru Hotels Association – discounts – voters

Bruhat Bengaluru Hotels Association – discounts – voters

Bruhat Bengaluru Hotels Association – is offering discounts to voters on food at city’s hotels on April 18 and 23.   If you are interested in getting discount on food just get your finger inked.

Besides awareness programs by the Election Commission, hotels, restaurants, are adopting a novel method of incentivising voters to perform their democratic duty.

BBHA – Bengaluru :

Bruhat Bangalore Hotels Association is 82 years old, established in the year 1936 by 1st president ship of Shri B.T Ramaiah (1936-44) the founder of Bangalore Hotels Association. Shri K.T Appanna was the 2nd President (1944-48).

Currently 53 members are there in Managing Committee. The association is having 1500 registered members.  The Association every month brings out monthly magazine by name “Athithidevo Bhava” under  head editorial Shri. B Chandra Shekar Hebbar.

The executive committee conducts monthly once a meeting to discuss different  matters related to hotel industries and to solve the problems apart from weekly once on every Friday at 5:30 PM.  

Office bearers of the association conducts a meeting to discuss hotel industry problems and other matters with the permission of the chair person.

Voting awareness by Bruhat Bengaluru Hotels Association :

The association is planning to put up posters on the hotel premises to remind the voters to cast their vote on election day.  This is to persuade voters to vote. 

According to Veerendra N Kamat, Treasurer of Bruhat Bengaluru Hotels Association this program is to make people realize their responsibility.  It is an initiative to encourage citizens to vote.

Freebies by BBHA :

The members are coming up with the offer of free tea and coffee, a 10-15% on breakfast and around 20% on lunch and dinner.   Some of the hotels are offering free idli with dosa.

One of the hotel at Majestic area will be offering free sweets to all those who would eat at his place and show their inked finger.   The plan is to distribute jelebis this time.  Those who are fond of jelebis please cast your vote and go the hotel with the proof to savour hot jelebis.

These outlets have, however, clarified that they aren’t supporting any particular party and just want to push youngsters and voters to exercise their franchise.

Conclusion :

This is not the first time that food has found its way into election in Karnataka. Earlier, during elections free dosas in the shape of Kannada letters and requests like ‘Nanna matha nanna hakku’ (my vote, my right), ‘Ellaroo mathadana maadi’ (please all of you vote), ‘Praja prabhutva bhadrapadisi’ (strengthen the democracy) were distributed among voters with an aim to spread awareness about elections.

Walk to vote and get discount on food on election day.

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