Controversy over iPhone, leather bag gift to Karnataka MPs

Controversy over iPhone, leather bag gift to Karnataka MPs

does it matter to Common Man?

The Karnataka Coalition Government which has been facing a lot of difficulty in raising funds to pay salary to its civic workers who works tirelessly to keep our city clean, waive loan of the farmers, provide free bus passes to students, has funds to give away expensive gadgets and leather bags to State MP’s .

General public is of the opinion that the State should not waste public money when the pouramikas and the farmers in the state are in distress.  Public money should be spent for education, health and  development  works in the State and not for gifting expensive gadgets to the MP’s.

Why a grand show of gifting expensive Smartphones to MP’s?   We all know what some of the legislators been doing and have been caught doing with their smart-phones in the house.

It is a move when the CM slapped taxes on electricity and fuel to fund the loan waiver.

After much furore over the issue, Mr. D.K.Shivakumar, Water Resources Minister claimed to have given the iPhone on his personal behalf not as a bribe and it was only out of a gesture.  Senior Congress leader D.K.Shivakumar clarified it was him who sent iPhone to all the Karnataka MP’s to keep them abreast about the State’s programmes and projects.

In the meantime, Chief Minister in New Delhi has come out telling that he was not aware of the gifts.



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  • Dileep Hawaldar

    By Dileep Hawaldar


    It’s our tax money. Should be used for public work not for gifts

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