Mission Shakthi – Indian anti-satellite mission

Mission Shakthi – Indian anti-satellite mission

Mission Shakthi – is India’s first anti-satellite mission tested successfully.  India is the fourth country to achieve this feat along with USA, Russia and China.

India has entered an elite club of nations that are capable of knocking off satellites in space.  The  DRDO missile tested off the Odisha coast successfully hit a low orbit satellite. 

Highlights :

  1.  Low earth orbitor LEO satellites are used for telecommunication.
  2. These satellites move at extremely high speeds and are not fixed  in space in relation to the earth.

DRDO – Mission Shakthi :

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is an agency of   of the Government of India, charged with the military’s research and development.  The headquarters are in New Delhi. It was formed in 1958 by the merger of the Technical Development Establishment and the Directorate of Technical Development and Production with the Defence Science Organisation. It is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Defence, Government of India.

With a network of 52 laboratories, which are engaged in developing defence technologies covering various fields, like aeronautics, armaments, electronics, land combat engineering, life sciences, materials, missiles, and naval systems, DRDO is India’s largest and most diverse research organisation.

The organisation includes around 5,000 scientists belonging to the Defence Research & Development Service (DRDS) and about 25,000 other scientific, technical and supporting personnel. 

Anti-satellite mission system :

The Anti Satellite (ASAT) test took the world by surprise given that India in the past has maintained that space should be a frontier for peace and should not be militarized. The last nation to demonstrate ASAT capability was China when its test in 2007 was met with international disapproval. 

Mission Shakti was a highly complex one, conducted at extremely high speed with remarkable precision. It shows the remarkable dexterity of India’s outstanding scientists and the success of our space program. 

According to G.Madhavan Nair, Former Chief of the ISRO, “while India has had the technology to shoot down LEOs for some time, the demonstration of the capability with Mission Shakthi is a milestone”.

Achievement for India :

India has entered its name as an elite space power.  An anti-satellite weapon ASAT targeted a live satellite on a low earth orbit.

This was completed successfully within 3 minutes of launch.

Congratulations to all the scientists for carrying out ‘Mission Shakti’ successfully. India is moving fast towards becoming a world leader. It is on its way to not only become a ‘super economic power’, but also a ‘super science power’.

Bangalorean.com team salute all scientist and people who had made India proud in whole world.

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